Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Christmas Photos

We recently went to Meijer Gardens again in search of a good Christmas family photo. We didn't get "the shot", but here are some close ones.
Do you see the unhappy kid?
How about now?
We are missing a husband/daddy in this photo.
Cheese-y smile!
This one is actually pretty good...
Uh, finger in the nose.
Unhappy kid not looking.
Kid not looking (but I do actually really like this one... if there was no stroller).
Cute kid.
Totally washed out. But I still love this picture.
A little washed out - but in awe of the Christmas trees.
This is a good shot. I do like this one.
Fake smile and no smile. And one of the only pictures I have of me and my husband. Great.
Kid not looking, and I have a hunchback.
Husband not smiling.

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Kim M said...

I love these pictures - glad you had to try over and over again for just the perfect shot because this was fun! Good luck!