Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Joy

Right now I'm playing catch-up on laundry. Laundry that I've managed to neglect all week long. Since we are leaving tomorrow to attend two family Christmas parties, I figured clean socks and underwear were in order. Yeah, that's how bad the laundry situation here has gotten. In all my infinite wisdom, I sent Jeremy and the boys to Meijer to pick up a few things we needed, and because it was totally easier to get stuff folded and put away without small children knocking over piles of folded laundry and requesting you every other second. Jeremy had some funny stories to share upon returning home. I thought I'd share with you too.

A conversation between my husband and my first born son (as has been told to me):
Jeremy: Jayce, what should we get for Mommy for Christmas?
Jayce: A Lightning-Mater toy (Cars).
Jeremy: Who would play with a Lightning-Mater toy if we got it for Mommy?
Jayce: Me!
Jeremy: Shouldn't we get Mommy something that would ...make her happy?
Jayce: Me playing with Lightning-Mater toys would make Mommy happy.

Ironically enough, this conversation made me very happy. Not so much in the my-child-can't-get-past-his-inborn-selfish-tendencies-to-buy-something-someone-else-might-like-way, but in the this-conversation-is-hilarious-and-such-a-perfect-view-of-how-living-with-little-kids-is-so-funny-in-a-day-to-day-basis-way. I had a good laugh, now you can too!

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