Wednesday, November 4, 2009

That Post I Had Promised About ArtPrize

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I "previewed" our ArtPrize excursion around the city? I'm finally making due on my promise of posting our photos from our ArtPrize exploration.
Here's the boys enjoying a quick snack before we took off for downtown.
Our first stop. It was a replica of a house boat. There were room dividers in it too, along with a view hole.
A steel sculpture that Jayce may or may not have tried to climb on...
Outside of the museum, there was a huge park bench and was a part of ArtPrize. It was fun feeling like a little kid again!
There was a huge table and chairs set sitting on top of a bridge downtown. We tried to get a picture of Jayce "sitting" at the table.
This neat sculpture was out in the middle of the Grand River. At night, it was lit with colorful lights.
This is "Nessie on the Grand," one of the finalist for ArtPrize 2009. The boys really enjoyed looking at Nessie because she came complete with sound effects!
A better view of the table and chairs that sat on the Blue Bridge, from just below it.
Here's a few pictures of some of the ArtPrize entries from the Blue Bridge. The one on the far left was also a finalist.
This moose was another finalist. It was pretty impressive at first glance, but once you got up close to it... WOW!! The moose was made entirely of nails that had been welded together. So cool!!
This was outside of The BOB. In the background, you can see VanAndel Arena. There were several entries located here.
This was one of the entries, along with the moose, that was outside of The BOB. This was a mosaic made of tile or glass...
This was a huge painting on the side of the building, and it had3 bubbles that had various things in them. One was a mirror and one was a TV screen. Jayce loved it because the TV screen had a fish swimming in it for a little while.
This was a pretty neat entry. The artist is someone who works with glass in liquid form. He actually had a heater that he brings on site, and he melts down used glass and creates a piece while in public. It was pretty cool.
This was Jeremy's favorite entry. It was a canoe made of various types of wood. I believe that there was no paint used, so those musical notes were crafted with wood while he was making his vessel.
This is a picture of that sculpture out in the middle of the Grand River, while lit at night. Grand Rapids makes such a beautiful nighttime skyline.
While we were walking downtown, we happened to run into Aunti Kalena! She was a huge help in getting us to the museum that housed many more ArtPrize entries.
This was a really neat display - origami! There were two piles of origami that were attached by a string that was on some sort of motorized pulley system. One side would stretch out and unfold, then the other side would. It was mesmerizing.
These were free-standing steel sculptures - they reminded me of a dandelion when they are fuzzy.
Apple sponsored this interactive display. If you look closely, you will recognize the people in two boxes - top row, 1 in from the left; bottom row, 1 in from the right.
This was another finalist. It was a very strange-looking sculpture, hanging from the ceiling. And once we got up close, we could see that it was made of balloons! I've never seen a balloon animal/sculpture that was so HUGE!!
This is a mosaic that was installed on the side of the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. When Jayce first felt it, he tole me it felt like chicken. Seriously, though, it was really interesting, and it's exciting because it was a permanent installation.
Introducing the winner: Open Water No. 24 (in the background). While it looks like a picture, it is a painting - very detailed, very realistic. Awesome. In front of that is "Field of Reeds," another finalist. Honestly, not that interesting.
Bowls made of uncooked rice. In a really interesting hall. It felt artistic. I took a picture.
The last thing we saw was my favorite and the entry that got my vote. There were three "Portraits"....
... and when you looked closely, you could see that each of the portraits were made of push pins! Jeremy is convinced that the artist must have used a computer program to make these, but I don't care! Hands down, the best entry. It won 3rd place.
We had a blast exploring our city and getting involved in the art that was available to us. I'm already looking forward to ArtPrize 2010!


Erin Morgan said...

mel - how did you do the photos that have two or four photos together? is that a photoshop thing? or did you use a different program? Also, what kind of camera do you have? I'm researching cameras for my christmas list. :) Any suggestions?

Kim M said...

I am also looking forward to ArtPrize 2010 - we are planning to take time off to be there! This post makes our plans even more exciting - no wonder you talked about it so much!

Jenney said...

I want to go to it in 2010!~

CrysRich said...

I saw something on the news the other day about the push pin artist. He does use computer templates and someone helps him sometimes, but it's still pretty neat. Here's his website:

Sara said...

What an amazing post Melissa! Looks like you guys had fun! I am so dissapointed that we didn't get down there to see this. Hopefully next year. I was way too big and uncomfortable this year to walk around downtown. Glad I got to see these through your lens! Nice pictures :)

Kevin P said...

Miss, we once saw a local artist here that used Crayola crayons in a similar manner to your push-pin artist. Across the room it looks cool, but then you gradually hear the murmurs and see people gravitating towards it, get real close, and walk away astonished. That's why art is so amazing. Your sister-in-law in an artist. I'm just saying: