Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On Sunday morning, we were feeling quite ambitious, and we managed to get out the door early enough to make it to the first service (well, five minutes after the first service started, but for us, that's terrific). That gave us a couple of hours to burn after church and before lunch with the family, so we took the kids to Robinette's, a local apple orchard that we pass weekly. Every time we are near the area of the orchard, Jayce always yells out, "Watch for the big apple!" On Sunday, Jayce got to see it up close and personal.
My overall goal for going to Robinette's after church was to get hot cider and fresh doughnuts, and for the kids to be able to play, of course. Unfortunately, we were only able to do one of those things because they didn't open until noon. It's a good thing the kids had a blast climbing on an old wagon that has been transformed into a slide!
Yes, as I've previously confessed, I may have gotten too involved in taking pictures to actually catch Grayson when he went crooked on the slide. No, he didn't get hurt. He actually enjoyed it.
Jayce was all smiles climbing up, sliding down. Climbing up, sliding down. Then he took off to run around the apple a few times.
Meanwhile, Grayson explored each and every inch of the wagon. I don't know if it was being so tall, or all of the stuff to look at, but all he wanted to do was walk around the wagon while I snapped pictures.
Before we left, I tried to snap a cute picture of the boys on the swing. Jayce was not happy about it. While it was sunny and bright out on Sunday, there was frigid breeze that made it miserable after about ten minutes. I think between the cold and the tiredness from being up early, he was just in a foul mood and I was not going to get a good shot.
This was the final photo of the day. By that point, I was in agreement with Jayce, we had fun at Robinette's, but it was time to go.


Kim M said...

My sister has always warned me that as the kids get older, it is harder to get some of those great shots! Guess that is one reason to be thankful for digital cameras where you can take lots of shots and delete some shots (although it is so hard for a nana to delete the grandsons!)

Anonymous said...

Grayson on the wagon would make a cute collage of him in action! A. jeanette

Cop Mama said...

I came over to your blog from The Drays Today blog. You are sooo funny! I can relate, I have two little guys too!

nancy said...

Great blessing to see how much you are enjoying family time!