Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Wow, it feels like it has been months since I've gotten in on the Not Me! Monday action. I must admit, I have really missed being able to come here and admit my faults as a mother, wife, and person. After all, if you can't laugh at yourself...

Yesterday, I did not take my kids out in frigid weather to visit an apple orchard, and get hot cider and fresh doughnuts, that was not open for the day. I did not insist on them getting out of the car regardless, and take several pictures of them freezing their bums off while playing on a slide. In fact, I did not miss catching Grayson on the slide because I was too busy taking pictures. I definitely do not have photographic evidence...

I have not been my 3 year old's personal toothpick on more than one occasion (ok, at least five that I can think of off the top of my head) over the past couple of months. He does not come to me when he has something stuck in his teeth that he cannot get out on his own. I do not comply, because, well, that would be gross! Speaking of gross... I did not catch my 1 year old's puke after he choked at dinner tonight. Oh what fun it is being a mom!

I have not resorted to bribery to try to keep my 3 year old out of my 1 year old's crib. We have not had a very difficult time keeping Jayce out of Grayson's crib. They have not managed to break the crib (Although my wonderful husband was able to fix it! I have a fix-it man for a husband. I love it!) already, and I have not given out punishment after punishment without success. I am not currently bribing Jayce with trips to the park and movies and special treats if he'll stay out of Grayson's crib (you know, that thing he should just be doing!).

I did not immediately think of taking pictures when my kids made a huge mess with cheerios this week! In fact, I often do not immediately reach for my camera at moments like that. I would never put pictures ahead of getting a mess cleaned up...

Lastly, I am not completely craving and looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner tonight because of a program I watched on The Food Network. I do not regularly watch The Food Network and desire to cook just as well as any of the celebrities featured. I do not often call my husband and work and tell him I want to visit a specific restaurant in a certain town. I have not often aspired to prepare something similar to what I've seen, but completely and totally destroyed it. And tonight, I am not really thinking of making Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow. Does anyone know how to make a turkey?

So, what have you not done this week? Do you have anything to confess? Head on over and check out MckMama's and many more Not Me! Monday posts.


Kim M said...

Oh, I have missed your not me Monday posts! Thanks for getting on track! The best part? McMamma usually put them on hold while little Stellan was in immediate danger from his SVT which has been completely obliterated by God through the wisdom and skill of his doctors in Boston! Yeah God! Yeah Stellan! Yeah Not Me Mondays!
Have a grand Monday!

Jenney said...

Ha! I am not doing a "Not Me" post this week, but I'll give you one.

I was NOT secretly a little happy that I am now wearing maternity pants in time for Thanksgiving. They are not going to be handy for big meals :o)

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

First time visitor!

Haha, I love that even though that orchard was closed, you still used it as a photo op. That is something I would definitely do too!

Too cute at your son falling (I mean, sliding!) down the slide.
My daughter's probably about the same age, and goes down the same way if I'm not thisclose to help her!