Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It should be no doubt to anyone that I believe in miracles.

After all, the past few years have been full of miracles that were visible every day.

Dad Meyers is a perfect example of a miracle in every day life. Modern medicine and doctors told him that he wouldn't survive more than just a few months, and he was able to live a full life for nearly three more years. I believe that God worked a miracle in his life, giving his doctors wisdom on how to fight his awful disease. He led Mom Meyers to many different alternative treatments that allowed him to live a longer, more comfortable life. God allowed Dad Meyers time - time to walk his daughter down the aisle, time to hold brand new babies, time to be there for his family. For Dad Meyers, time was the miracle that so many had prayed for.

Even in the past few days, Mommy-bloggers have been able to witness a miracle for little Stellan. This miracle baby had surgery recently to fix a problem with his heart. During the surgery, it was looking like it would be much more complicated than anticipated, and that the doctors would have to damage his heart to fix it, and God gave the physicians the wisdom to try something a little different, a little risky, and the perfect idea of how to fix this baby's heart and heal him from a persistent heart condition that was slowly killing him. It was unconventional, and it worked. A miracle, given by God, that is going to allow this baby a lifetime with his family, a miracle that tens of thousands have prayed for.

Today, I am coming to you with a request for prayers that will hopefully lead to another miracle. I received a phone call, telling me of a pseudo-family member that is very ill. He's recently been diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer, stage 4. There will be doctors and tests, possibly surgery, chemo, radiation, the whole 9 yards. There will be a fighting spirit. There are friends and family who will be affected in the most heart-wrenching ways. There will be tears. There will be prayers, many prayers. Please be keeping my family in your prayers. Please pray for healing, for wisdom for the doctors, for peace for the family, for a dependence on God that can only come from a tragedy like this, for hearts to change. Prayers can certainly elicit miracles, especially in the hearts of those talking to God. Please pray for a miracle.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

So sorry to hear about your friend. We will add our prayers to yours. There are so many in need of prayer these days. Our friend who had a stroke in May and is paralyzed on her left side, had a seizure night before last and had to be taken to the hospital. She is doing well now. We are so grateful for answered prayer on her behalf,but it is so difficult for her and her husband these days.

Hope you and yours are doing well! Give the boys a hug from Aunt Susie. Love Ya!