Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last week, we had our last Library Laptime until the new year. Because it was going to be the last time in a while, I took my camera and snapped a few photographs. Ms. Betsy always has every one's attention when it comes time to see what's in the box. Do you recognize the small child to the right of the photo?
Yes, even Grayson is at attention when the box comes out. Grayson is usually pretty distracted during the story and song time. But as soon as Ms. Betsy has her box that has an item in it that correlates with the theme for the day, Grayson is right there.
Jayce is pretty into it too. Although he doesn't really understand the concept of the item changing to correlate with the story every time. Lately, all he wants to guess is a cow, because a cow was in the box several weeks ago. Hopefully after the holidays, we can work on the concept of the box time.
Jayce was acting like a goofball that Monday, so I had to add in one of those pictures.
Because the theme for the week was fish/ocean, Ms. Betsy and her co-teacher set up an "aquarium" the kids could get into. They had a folding table that there was glittery fish, a yarn octopus, and streamer seaweed attached to the underside. There were blue blankets draped over the table. The teachers provided flashlights and the kids would crawl inside and shine the flashlights to "find" the creatures under the sea. Great idea, teachers!
Jayce especially enjoyed fishing with a magnetic fishing pole and fish.
Grayson didn't respond well when we told him that we wouldn't be back for Laptime for another month and a half. Well, it was that or it was me taking the toys away from him because it was time to leave. Either way, he was upset to go.
And now I'm looking forward to January when we will once again have something fun to do on Monday mornings!


Kim M said...

I'm so glad we got to share in one of the library visits - I was quite impressed with how well she had it with such a wide range of ages attending. You need to video Grayson asking to sing her opening song that she sings and signs together - it is precious.

Jenney said...

I love library time! Thanks for a peek into your weekly fun!

Cop Mama said...

Wow, your kids did great given their ages. Mine can't sit still for story time no matter what.

And how creative the librarians are! That sounds like a lot of fun.