Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leaves and a Little Bit of Slave Labor

Have you been enjoying the beautiful fall weather we've been having? The other day, the boys and I decided to take advantage of a sunny and dry day by playing/working outside. My goal was to burn off a little energy the boys had stored up and to get a little bit of raking done (as you can see in the pictures, we have a lot of leaves to clean up). I managed to accomplish one of those tasks. I also tried to get the kids involved in the raking and cleaning up of the back yard. Jayce was not excited about it.
He also wanted nothing to do with my camera. That child was in quite the mood that day.
Grayson, on the other hand, was thrilled to be able to help out. He grabbed hold of a rake and started dragging it all over the backyard.
After seeing his brother at work, Jayce decided to get in on the action too. I would argue that a snow shovel is not entirely useful when trying to rid your backyard of leaves, but he was willing to help. That was a step in the right direction, at least.
Grayson "worked" at his "job" for quite a while.
So did Jayce... Again, I'd argue that the shovel was not entirely useful, but he was being helpful. For a few minutes, at least. He quickly ditched the shovel and gathering of leaves right after I took this picture.
Grayson saw that as an opportunity...
... to be two times as helpful! Or to try.
He tried to be just like Jayce and shovel the leaves. Grayson is constantly trying to be just like Jayce. It's cute, until Jayce gets frustrated or Grayson gets frustrated and then the fighting starts... That part isn't so cute.
Apparently both of the boys figured out that the shovel wasn't really worth using on the leaves, because Grayson soon dropped it and crawled off in the leaves.
Jayce noticed some of the leaves falling out of the trees because of the wind. He kept on saying that it was "raining leaves!"
So what a near-three-year-old boy to do? Make it "rain" more leaves! Jayce thought it was hilarious to throw the leaves up in the air. Toss, laugh hysterically. Toss, laugh hysterically.
We had so many leaves in our yard that Grayson had a hard time staying on his feet. Either that, or Grayson has really taken to the yoga Ms. Betsy is teaching at Laptime (library). Here's his downward dog:
Because of the beautiful, sunny day, I thought I would take some time to try to get a cute picture of the boys.
This one was my favorite!
Even though I didn't make any progress on the leaves in the yard (notice they are still there in the background of the picture above!), I did get quite a few cute shots. I'd consider the afternoon a success.


Kim M said...

Loving these pictures of the fall colors and 2 pretty fun boys! I'm enjoying the way you are posting the pictures, the multiple shots within one frame is pretty sweet. Thanks for making this Nana smile and to have these post to look back at when I'm missing those boys so much!
Love with hugs and kisses for all of you,
Mom aka Nana

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! A. jeanette