Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cheerio, Ol' Chap!

Whenever I offer Jayce and Grayson Cheerios for breakfast, I always say that - "Cheer-i-o, ol' chap!" with a British accent. I'd put a video up to show you, but my British accent is bad! Apparently, this morning Grayson wanted to hear it.
Grayson, in all his talented glory, decided he wanted a little snack as I was getting the boys and I ready to go out this morning. As I was helping Jayce with his shoes, I heard that distinct sound of many little, lightweight pieces of cereal hitting the floor. I turned and saw Grayson standing with the box upside down, and cereal pouring on his feet. We literally opened the box just days ago, so it was pretty full. Then Grayson sat down, right in the middle of the mess, and started eating. Yum!
I quickly moved both of the boys off to the side and gave them each a pile of cheerios and a stern warning to not move (lest the cheerios be smashed into the floor!). I tried to salvage whatever cereals did not end up directly on the floor, and swept up the rest of the mess.
Moral(s) of the story: Grayson will help himself to any snack that is somewhat accessible to him. Grayson will notice when the floor needs sweeping and will create a situation that requires it to be done. The next time you are at my house and I offer you a bowl of cheerios, it might do you some good to ask if they are the ones that were on my floor.


Kim M said...

I love the look on Grayson's face - it is as he is thinking "Busted!"!
One thing after another, huh! 2 toddlers in the house can be so much fun!!!!

Jenney said...

Jackson is cheering Grayson on...I think it goes a little like this "Go buddy go! Get a snack and Go Go Go!" He'd advise Grayson to be a little quieter next time and he'd get more spoils.