Friday, October 9, 2009

Silent Night Parade

Last night, we had the honor and privilege to attend the Silent Night Parade for West Michigan. This week is Fire Prevention Week, and Thursday of Fire Prevention Week is suppose The Silent Night Parade is a "ceremony that recognizes and remembers any firefighter, active or retired, that has answered the Last Alarm in the past 12 months, no matter whether it was in the line of duty or not." Then all of the attending fire departments line up their rigs and have a parade with their emergency lights on (but no sirens) between two stations. Because Jayce loves fire trucks and police cars, and because Jeremy works with a lot of the departments that were involved in the parade, we decided to go and show our support for our local firefighters.
Jayce insisted on wearing his fireman hat when we left the house.
Grayson got in on the action too.
We found a parking lot along the route of the parade and set up camp there. The best thing about our new van is that the backseat folds into a way that you can tailgate! The boys had fun running around in the wet grass while we waited.
Jayce was getting really excited about seeing the fire trucks! Well, that and all of the running around he was doing outside. We hadn't been out in a while... it's been constantly raining around here.
And then the parade began. The street was alive with lights.
The boys sat entranced for a few minutes.
Can you see the look on Grayson's face? He was actually making an "ooo" sound while he was watching the emergency lights go past.
The parade lasted for a long time. There were probably 20+ trucks involved. It made for quite the display. And for very excited kids.
We hopped into our car and followed the parade to Station #2 so we could check out the fire trucks up close and in person. This is one of Grand Rapids newest trucks. The ladder had neon lights on it, and it extended so far. Just look at how small the truck is in comparison to the ladder. Too cool.
Grayson was amazed by the size of the trucks. He had a kick checking it out.
Jayce got to climb up into one of the trucks and sit in the passenger seat. He kept on saying that the truck he was in was going to "crash" the truck in front of it. This kid is really coming up with some hilarious stuff to say lately.
We had a fantastic time at the Silent Night Parade. Jayce and Grayson (and Jeremy, actually) loved looking at the fire trucks up close and getting to see so many with their lights flashing. We are already looking forward to it next year.


Kim M said...

Looks like you had loads of fun - I want to come hang out with you guys - you do fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture of Grayson alone looking face on with the fire hat. . . I saw Uncle Kevin's eyes! A. Jeanette