Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday - 300th Post!!

Is it not so fitting that my 300th post is a Not Me! Monday post, one where I do not confess to all of those things that I would love to forget from this week. Here we go!

I have not accidentally exposed my one year old to chickenpox/shingles several times this week. I did not insist at several occasions that my youngest son has had the chickenpox vaccine, and was not willing take him over to visit his grandfather who possibly has shingles. I did not only realize my massive mistake only when I noticed a couple of small red bumps on his belly today. I did not put two and two together, and come to the conclusion that the low grade fever he seemed to be running yesterday could be because of the chickenpox instead of teething (like I thought). I did not realize all of this only after it dawned on me that at his 1 year appointment I decided to hold off on his chickenpox vaccine for a couple of months. I am not kicking myself for this now. I am not praying that this is all in my head, because I am not a little bit like that.

I did not witness a waterfall in my bathroom this morning. I was not getting out of the shower yesterday morning, when my two year old came in to use the bathroom. He did not sit down and proceed to urinate in a large arc, all over the floor. I did not yell his name to get his attention, only to have him stick his leg in the air to try to stop the urine from getting on the floor. I did not call my husband into the bathroom to help me clean up (I was not just getting out of the shower...), while laughing hysterically. As we were in clean up mode, I did not hear the sounds of someone walking around upstairs. I did not yell, run up stair in only a towel and find my one year old (who doesn't do stairs well, at least going down) sitting on his brother's bed. I did not neglect to put up the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and my one year old did not go up the stairs without anyone watching or helping or noticing, only because I was not too busy laughing at my two year old's arc of urine. I am not that childish and neglectful.

How about you? Is there anything that you would love to forget about this week? Consider a little confession, MckMama-style. Check out her Not Me! Monday list, and all of the other blog carnival participants, over at My Charming Kids!


Leah said...

The chickenpox vaccine was not available when my 3 older children were young. They all got it and we did fine. Just plan on staying home for a good week or two. And don't forget the oatmeal baths. :) Good luck!

Kim M said...

Congratulations on your 300th post! How exciting for you!

Your not me Monday was great. Sure hope Grayson didn't stop by Charlie's area on his little adventure upstairs!!! So many other places you may have found him other than on Jayce's bed!

Cassie said...

I had the chicken pox in first grade. It's the pits! The worst is that I then gave it to my dad! I hope you can make it through it okay!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

WOO HOO on 300 posts!!

Yikes on the chicken pox. Those are no fun.

I feel all itchy just thinking about it.