Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jayce Speak

We are back to enjoy a little more humor from my near 3 year old, Jayce.

Lately, when ever I ask Jayce to do something for me, I always get this answer:
Um, let me check my phone....
Um, I'd like to know who said that in front of him. Ok, it very well might have been me.


Today, as we were leaving church, Jayce looks at me and says:
Mommy, run like a choo-choo train! Look, just like me! Choo, choo!! Choo, choo!!


After I allowed Jayce and Grayson to climb around in our van the other day, Jayce asked me:
Mommy, when is it my turn to drive? Uh, never!!


Last week, I had the responsibility, along with Jeremy, to tell Jayce that his Grandpa had gone to heaven.
When we walked into the house after Jeremy's dad passed away, Jayce immediately noticed that the Grandpa, along with all of the hospital paraphernalia, was missing. Of course, he asked where Grandpa was. We informed Jayce that Grandpa was in heaven, with Jesus and God. (It's hard to try to explain the Trinity to a three year old boy.) He asked if he could see heaven, Jesus, and Grandpa, and we explained that he couldn't see them, but that they were real, and that Grandpa wasn't sick anymore or in pain anymore. He told us that heaven was up in the clouds, and that was the end of the conversation.
Today, Jayce asked to swing in the backyard. He told me that he wanted to go really high. He said:
Swing me up into the clouds! Swing me into the clouds so I can see heaven, Jesus, and Grandpa!
Ah, to have the faith of a child.


Jenney said...

Can't wait for when we get to see you guys has been W A Y too long.

Erin Morgan said...

ok, so i didn't cry earlier when I read it, but cried when I read it out loud to ken... what sweetness children are when our hearts are breaking!

Lacey said...


Kristina said...

I LOVE this post. How sweet.