Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jayce Speak

Ahh, the mind of a near three year old. I wish there was a way to figure out some of the stuff he's come up with lately. Here's a sample of some of the stuff that has Jeremy and I rolling on the floor in laughter.

Jayce was sitting at the table working on puzzles the other night while I was working on the computer. Out of the blue, this conversation took place:
Jayce: Mommy, I love you.
Me: Aww, Jayce, thank you. I love you too. (My mommy heart melted into a puddle on the floor.)
Jayce: I even love you when you cry.

Um, thanks?


We took a couple of afternoons this week, and went downtown and enjoyed some of the ArtPrize artwork (Which, if you haven't been down yet, go today! It's awesome, and it ends today...).
Jayce ran up on a lawn in the middle of one of the displays, which was about 50 campaigning signs and music being piped out of a nearby building. Jeremy quickly grabbed him off of the lawn, and Jayce yelled, "No, Daddy! I just have to dance!!"


While also at ArtPrize, we were checking out a mural on the side of the Children's Museum. It was a Mosaic made of various kinds of tile and mirror. I asked Jayce if he wanted to feel it, and he said yes. While he was running his fingers over the mural, I asked him what it felt like. Jayce replied, "It feels like chicken!" What?


When getting ready for the Silent Night Parade the other night, I asked Jayce if he wanted to go look at some fire trucks. He looked at me with a very serious demeanor, and said, "Oh yes. Fire trucks are pretty."


Scary Mommy said...

Oh, how I love the unprovoked "I love yous." So sweet. And they so make up for the moments you want to wring their necks!

Kim M said...

I'm gonna love this phase of his development - brings joy to recall fun times.
How about: "Nana, I want to be funny with you" when what he wanted was to be on the floor, wrestling, tickling and laughing.