Thursday, October 1, 2009

Detroit Zoo

While my brother was home last weekend, we went to the Detroit Zoo to check out some different animals that were not at our local zoo. I have so many memories of going to this zoo, so it was fun to be able to take my kids there for the first time. I specifically remember climbing all over this hippo when we'd get to the park. Naturally, I made the boys pose there so I could take a few pictures.
Our first stop was in the aviary building, where the butterflies and birds were housed. Grayson was pretty excited to be able to nearly touch a butterfly. I suppose he doesn't remember this past spring when we saw them a few times at the Gardens.
Grayson was elated to see some of the birds that were living at the zoo. I absolutely love to see pictures of Jeremy and the boys smiling and laughing together.
Grayson tried to take off and go check out a bird that walked across the path in front of us.
Everyone here is checking out the tigers.
The sleeping, boring tigers. Turns out our very small, very limited zoo was much better in that our tiger was up and walking around the entire time.
The boys climbed all over this statue while we watched. Well, I snapped pictures.
I also convinced (forced) the boys to sit on the statue together so I could take more pictures. I take a lot of pictures.
This guy here decided to pose for us.
I think this is my mom and Jayce checking out the lions... or maybe they were mountain lions. Can't tell you which, for sure.
Uncle Kevin liked being goofy with the boys on his shoulders. He was jumping with Grayson up there.
... and up! Grayson was really enjoying it.
Jayce got to hitch a ride because his shoes were hurting his feet and Jeremy hadn't gotten back from the car with his sandals. Can you see the zebras in the background?
We got an up close and personal look at the giraffes. They were being fed just before we made our way up to the deck to view them, and the giraffes were still looking for a handout. I couldn't convince Grayson to look at me when they were nearby.
After lunch, we took off to see the neatest exhibit of the entire zoo: the polar bears and seals. Grayson was extremely excited to see a polar bear.
This polar bear was just laying out in the grass and weeds. It seems so foreign to me... Until I thought about LOST and the polar bear in the jungle.
Grayson got a ride on Jeremy's shoulders while we were waiting for our turn to walk through the underwater exhibit.
Jayce compared his foot size with a polar bears foot print.
Jeremy and Grayson sharing a sleepy moment while we waited.
Uncle Kevin and Jayce showing off their muscles while we waited.
This was my favorite part! There was a tunnel that went under the pool for the polar bears and the seals. When we first walked into the tunnel, it was incredibly backed up and hard to walk through. Here's why:
The polar bear was sitting right on top of the tunnel! We definitely had a great underbelly view.
Everyone was excited to see the seals swimming over the tunnel while we were in there.
Grayson was on the lookout for the aquatic animals.
Jayce tried to reach out and touch the seals.
There was a glacier wall that we could feel. Brr...
Another neat exhibit the zoo had was their kangaroos. We were able to walk through their exhibit with instructions to allow those kangaroos crossing the path some space. Pictured here is the only kangaroo that was upright. The rest were sleeping.
To end our fun day at the zoo, we took a train ride back to the front of the park. Grayson and Jayce really enjoyed the train ride; the rest of us did too, but we mostly enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to walk back to the front of the park.
We were all exhausted after our long day. Jayce could barely keep his eyes open on the train ride.
Same with this little guy.
We had a fantastic time at the Detroit Zoo; so fantastic that everyone (but our driver) passed out on the way home. It was truly a great day.

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Kim M said...

What fun memories, but really, did you have to bring in LOST and the polar bear? Thanks for taking the time to blog and share pictures! This Nana loves it!