Friday, September 18, 2009

What We've Been Doin'

What? I've been absent from Blogger-land lately? I haven't posted in over a week? Well, that just doesn't sound like me...
However, if I did actually do something like that... leave you all hanging, with no funny stories, no cute pictures for over a week... I'm sure that I'd apologize profusely, promise to never let it happen again. Then I'd fill you in on what we've been up to. Because, you know, we've been pretty busy.
Grayson has found a new appreciation for being in cabinets. He systematically clears it out, climbs in, and closes the door. He'll do it anywhere. As long as he can get the doors open.
We've been the the Gardens. A few times. It was beautiful out, so I took advantage of the gorgeous surroundings to get a couple of good pictures of the boys.
I watched a friend's kids for a few days. We also took them to the Gardens.
Jeremy's aunt and uncle came up from Pennsylvania to visit for the weekend.
We took advantage of the discounted prices at our local zoo and went to check out the animals.
General silliness has ensued at our house.
Now we are at my parents' house visiting my brother who is here from Virginia. Hopefully, with the extra eyes watching the boys, I'll be able to get a little bit of blogging done while we are here. Well, when we aren't at the mall stocking up on next summer's clothes, visiting with the family that will be here tonight, going to the zoo in Detroit, playing cards, watching The Office (which was hilarious!!) with everyone, going to the park, playing with Uncle Kevin, playing cards, eating BLT pizza, playing cards, etc.


Jenney said...

SOOOOOO Jealous that you are over at your mom's house, but I will be there (ok, not there, but at MY mom's house) next weekend. Wish we could have hooked up with you guys this weekend though!

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Jeremy, you have two HANDSOME little boys! Aunt Jeanette

Paula said...

I so enjoyed watching all the kids play. It's amazing to see the next generation and know that they will be able grow up together. Loved seeing you and Kevin together again, too!