Saturday, September 26, 2009

Uncle Kevin Visits

Uncle Kevin came up to Michigan for a visit last weekend. We had a really great time playing, chasing around balls, wrestling, playing cards, and visiting. While we missed Aunti Rachel (and we are looking forward to seeing her in November!), we are so thankful for her sending Uncle Kevin to visit us for his birthday!
This sneaky little boy stole my apple that I payed $2 for. I love honeycrisp apples, but they are so expensive. I actually splurged a little and bought this beautiful, large apple. I was even nice enough to share it with Jeremy. Then Grayson got a hold of my half, and the rest is history.
After watching him gnaw on it for a while, I didn't really want to finish off the piece he had. I just went without. Sigh.
Then Uncle Kevin got a hold of my camera and took a few photos.
Apparently Jayce got pretty wiped out from his busy, very active weekend.
Does he not look like Mater in this picture?? Buck teeth and all.
While Uncle Kevin was home visiting, we had a family get together and I got to meet Reagan, my cousin's baby girl. Isn't she adorable? Holding newborns just makes me want to have another...
We got to see Grandma D. while we were at my parents' house too. We hadn't seen her since she was hospitalized a month or so ago. It was good being able to catch up and visit, and play cards, of course.
We went to the Detroit Zoo while Uncle Kevin was home. Grayson had fun riding on Kev's shoulders - he used Kevin's ears as steering devices.
Can you see the zebras in the background?
Uncle Kevin, we had a great time hanging out with you last weekend. We are all really looking forward to Thanksgiving now!


Ravin2 said...

It was such a neat treat to be home with you guys. Thanks for bringing the boys over to Mom & Dad's to hang out. You did a phenomenal job capturing our weekend. Where are the 2:30a pictures of me toasting you on Mario Cart?!

Kristen said...

go pick honey crisps!! I went last Sunday and got 7-8lbs for about $14!! The apple stock is FABULOUS this year, and there were a TON of honey crisps left last week when I was there. I'd seriously go if I were you!! (and if you enjoy them like we do!!)

Jenney said...

Great pictures of Kevin! I can't believe how much Grayson is changing-FAST!

Assistant Ring Master said...

Hey - I just bought a 3 lb bag of honeycrisps at Meijer for $4.99. The apples are smaller than the ones you buy individually but that works better for the kids at our house :)