Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Same Ol' Setting, New Cast of Characters

Are you confused by the title? If you've been reading this blog this summer, than you'll understand...
We went to the Gardens... again. This time we went with Jeremy's aunt and uncle that were up visiting from Pennsylvania. We also took along a friend's kids, who I was watching for the week.
Our Cast of Characters:
Aunt Susie and Uncle Ralph
We'll call her.... Little C.
... and Big J.
We made all the usual stops while we were there. We went to the climbing fort (no pictures, though) first, and then we made a stop at the sandbox.
The kids ran up the hill by the big horse. Big J. and Little C. had fun rolling down the hill. Jayce wouldn't even try.
Grayson thought he'd chase after the big kids too. He always turns to make sure someone is watching when he thinks he's doing something naughty.
Then he decided to stop and pose for pictures!
So, I took advantage of the situation and made the boys pose... Jayce did not want to sit still.
So, off he went, but only after I took about 20 pictures.
I guess these two were a little sick of the camera too.
Grayson did enjoy running down the hill with Jeremy.
I've been trying all summer long to get a good picture of the lilies and the lily pads.
The boys checking out the fish in the water. No, Jeremy wasn't trying to dunk Grayson in the water. He was actually trying to prevent Grayson from going in the water.
Grayson was in a bit of a foul mood when we were playing at the boats. Jayce wasn't so interested in the boats either. Maybe it was over exposure this summer.
Jayce was extremely interested in the fountain, however. He was especially interested in making the water spray all over... I believe a few people who had no interest in getting wet were in the line of fire. Me included.
We had a very good time introducing Aunt Susie and Uncle Ralph to the Gardens. I think it was a nice break for Grandma too, being able to get away from the hospital for a couple of hours.
To end things, a goofy picture of Grayson. He insisted on walking all the way around this bench, even through the bush behind it. What a crazy face...


Kim M said...

Great story and pictures - thanks. I enjoyed hearing Jayce say "we need to go to the gardens, Meijer Gardens" as we passed by the entrance this weekend. I'd say he's been exposed but he doesn't think "too much".

Megan said...

Your boys are so cute! Jayce is looking like such a big boy!

Jenney said...

That last picture of Grayson is GREAT! :o)