Sunday, September 27, 2009

John Ball Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids dropped their prices for the fall season. Since I'm pretty cheap, I thought that was the perfect time for us to go see the animals at the zoo.
One of our first stops was at the penguins. Grayson was pretty enthralled with the swimming birds.
Here's Jayce checking out the penguins.
This brown bear was so nice to pose while we took some pictures.
The one animal that Jayce wanted to see was the tiger. Boy was he excited to see him moving around. This poor tiger literally paced the entire time we were visiting him. He would walk from window to window, brushing up on the glass. We were able to get some great pictures of him because of his movement, but he seemed very lonely and almost uncomfortable being in his small cage. As it turns out, his cage is too small for him, and soon this tiger will be moving to North Dakota to live in a much nicer environment. I know you wanted to know all that...
The zoo put in a neat lion exhibit last year, and we were actually able to see them pretty well.
This guy was willing to pose for me to take a picture too!
We stopped to take a snack break in front of the chimpanzees. When we went to the Detroit Zoo a few days later, Jayce asked for crackers and cheese when we got to the chimps again. He has such a good memory for strange details, just like his father.
Jayce decided (well, after I asked him too) to act like a monkey when we were in front of the monkey exhibit.
This was the one and only active monkey at the zoo that day. By active, I mean that he got up and moved across the rock he was previously resting on, laid down, and went back to sleep.
There was a petting zoo area that was closed, but we took a look at the goats and sheep anyway. Jayce tried to feed this sheep some grass he found next to the pen.
Grayson was checking out this goat at the goat's level.
The zoo put in this neat trail that went behind some of the exhibits. There was this wooden train that the boys had a blast crawling all over.
Conductor Grayson!
Jayce crawling through one of the cars on the train.
There were some chickens walking around near the train, and Jayce decided to feed them too...
He threw the wood chips for them to eat!
The boys spotted these saddles on the barrels immediately. Hmm, maybe they've rode the horse at Meijer a few too many times. Grayson got on his and started bouncing and rocking immediately.
We had a great time at the zoo. The boys enjoyed seeing all animals, and we enjoyed the great naps they took after being out and about all morning long!

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