Thursday, September 3, 2009

Accident Prone

The past couple of days have been rather hard on Grayson. It would seem that as soon as he crossed over into one year old territory, he started getting hurt on an almost daily basis. I would definitely say that a big part of it is his desire to be just like his big brother. He is constantly following Jayce and trying to do what Jayce is able to do. However, he's only one, and he doesn't have quite the ability that Jayce has. Not to mention, Jayce is turning into a "typical" boy. His favorite activities in the evening include running, wresting, "hugging" Grayson (much too rough, usually includes a take down too...), pushing, throwing, etc., etc. Naturally, Grayson is often the target, and because he is still very unsteady on his feet, he's often getting hurt.
Yesterday and today, Grayson really took a beating. No, not literally. Jayce had no part of Grayson's injuries. Yesterday, Jeremy moved the couch to collect the toys that have made their way behind it and cleaned. He had to move the end table to do most of this. While the table was moved, Grayson toppled over while hanging onto the couch, hit his head just above the ear on the corner of the table, and ended on the floor between the couch and table. He screamed and screamed for so long. We spent about 20 minutes (while watching a movie - gotta keep him still!) trying to get ice on it and thankfully it didn't bruise or swell too badly.
And then there was today... This morning, the boys and I were playing outside for an hour before we went to the grocery store. I had packed up the diaper bag, the house was locked up, and we were basically ready to do. Then Grayson pooped. So to change him, I laid him down on our picnic table. I had just pulled off the dirty diaper and was reaching for the wipes when Grayson did a quick roll and grabbed a large container of bubbles in a no spill container. He then dumped the entire container (including the dirty rain water that it had been living in the bubble container all summer long) on his face. He had bubbles in his hair, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. And no diaper. I immediately sat him up so that he could catch his breath, and then I saw exactly how much of the bubbles liquid he got in his eyes. I immediately grabbed him and ran inside, yelling at Jayce to follow me. Thank you Lord for Jayce not challenging me at that time (he usually does when it's time to come in). I got Grayson stripped down (pretty easy since he was only wearing a t-shirt, although he had a poopy bottom still) and into the shower as fast as possible. He was not a fan of the shower spray all over his head and in his eyes. After his shower (and butt wipe!), I called the pediatrician's office just to check and see if I needed to be concerned about him swallowing the bubbles. They suggested I call the Poison Control hot line just to double check. I've never had to call them before, thankfully, and I would be thrilled to never have to do it again. The woman I talked to was extremely helpful and informative, although her suggestion was somewhat ridiculous. She told me to irrigate Grayson's eyes for 20 minutes; to put him in the shower and let the water run on his face for 20 minutes. It makes me laugh now. I did end up putting Grayson in the bath again and pouring water all over his face a couple of times. He was not a fan.
Thankfully, it seems like Grayson survived his ordeals. His eyes look completely normal, although they were leaking a little bit of a snot colored liquid after his nap today. Tomorrow we are going to the Gardens, so I'm hoping that there will not be an accidents or injuries. Cross your fingers for me!

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Jenney said...

Oh that is no fun at all. So sorry.