Monday, August 31, 2009

Video Monday

I'm dubbing today "Video Monday". I'll let you figure out where I came up with that one... I'm having a very creative day. Can you hear the sarcasm through the computer?
We are going to start out with Jayce reading - yes, I did say "reading". This is a Lightening McQueen book that he loves to have read to him. I guess he's memorized the words, because the other day I found him on the couch, "reading" it to himself. I remember doing that as a child... I hope he has a love for books like I do!


Secondly, we have our own two man band. Coming soon to a venue near you!


Last, here's a little taste of our vacation. Jayce is "jumping" in Lake Superior - or where Eagle River dumps into Lake Superior. Yes, I do still have intentions of posting pictures from our trip to Gitche Gumee from a few weeks ago... I'm just a huge procrastinator.


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Jenney said...

Oh how cute is he jumping in the water! Oh, and I love the underoos Jayce! Good job buddy!