Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Get-Together

Jeremy and I have been involved in a small group through church since I was pregnant with Jayce. Over the course of the three years we've known each other, there have been many great discussions, many lessons learned, and babies born. Cute, adorable babies. And after all, I really prefer to take pictures of kids...
Grayson and little Troy are about a month apart in age. It was fun being pregnant the same time as Shelley.
Grayson really got a kick out of the little table and chairs.
That's Sam standing behind Grayson. He was nice enough to share all of his toys with the boys. Grayson was getting such a kick out of being in a kid-sized house.
Open and shut. Open and shut. All day long, open and shut.
See what I mean about beautiful babies? This is Troy again. Love him. He's such a special kid. Check out Shelley's blog. She's chronicling his journey through deafness and cochlear implants.
This is Emma. She's a beautiful, petite little girl that was so laid back and happy the entire time we were there.
After dinner, the kids were just dying to get in the pool. What were we to do other than strip them down to their diapers and toss them in!
Yes, I said diaper. He is wearing one. I promise.
Grayson was so excited to be "swimming".
I, on the other hand, was concerned that he was going to take a spill because he insisted on standing up the entire time.
I only got back far enough to get some good shots. I'm not sure what it is about this one, but I love it.
While the kids played, the adults roasted marshmallows around the grill. My husband was sweet enough to bring me a s'more while I watched over the kids in the pool.
Jayce is wondering when he can get his license.
This is Sam, Emma's older brother. Don't you just love those curls? And the crumbs on his chin? He really enjoyed his s'more.
Yes, we were those people with the kids running around the backyard in only diapers. Until the sun went down. I can see my Not Me! Monday post now...

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Shelley said...

Wow...we really have some BEAUTIFUL kids!!