Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oh, did you think that just because I'm gone on vacation I'd miss an opportunity to admit deny my faults and the silly things I've done the past couple of weeks? You see, I really need this free "therapy" that MckMama offers us. So let's get started.

I have not been so neurotic to set up several posts for my blog before I left for vacation this week. I do not care that much about my blog and I do not feel bad for letting it go for almost a week without any posts. I did not have blogging on my list of things to do before leaving. I did not ignore some of the house work listed in favor of blogging. I am not that obsessed. Nope, not me!

I did not neglect to buckle up my two year old son in the car the other day before driving down the road. I do not have him climb into the van behind my one year old's seat and get into his own seat for my convenience. I did not forget to check and make sure he had gotten into his seat and buckled his own seat on his own. I did not get annoyed by my two year old's fidgeting in the back seat while I was driving and when I asked him about it he did not say, "I'm trying to fix this," while trying to buckle the seat belt. I did not immediately pull over in tons of traffic and buckle him in. I did not apologize about 50 times. I do not have a wicked case of mother's guilt over the whole situation. I am not thanking and praising God for his provision of safety while we were on the road.

I did not have the following conversations with my two year old this week:
Me: Jayce, did you know we are going on vacation this week? With Nana and Papa?
Jayce: We go right now?
Me: No, today is Wednesday, and we leave on Saturday. So we have to get through Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then it's Saturday. And what are we doing on Saturday?
Jayce: We go on vacation with Nana and Papa! We go right now?
Me: Nope, remember, we go on Saturday.
Jayce: It be Saturday right now?

Jeremy was showing Jayce some of our wedding pictures. He pointed out one that you could only see Jeremy in the reflection of a mirror.
Jeremy: Do you see where Mommy is?
Jayce: Right here.
Jeremy: Do you see where Daddy is?
Jayce: (after looking at the picture for a little while) Daddy in Mommy's belly?

I did not pack up the boys (Jeremy included) in about 1 hours. It did not take me about 4-5 hours to pack up myself. Apparently I have problems dressing myself.

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Ravin2 said...

This is my favorite "Not Me" so far! Loved it.