Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday - Vacation Edition

Oh yes, friends. It's that time of week that I look forward to so much. I just have to thank MckMama for this free therapy that comes around ever week. I do love it so... This week, it's our "Vacation Edition"!

I did not intentionally get my kids up at 4 am to leave for vacation this week. I did not do it under the pretenses that they would sleep in the car for the first couple of hours of our 10+ hour trip. I was not extremely exasperated at those kids who were ripped from their beds at such an early hour when they would not go back to sleep in the car for 2 1/2 hours. I did not curl up with my pillow and let our driver (otherwise known as my husband!) deal with the cranky kids. I would never do that!

I did not teach my 2 year old how to cross the street. I did not have to be reminded by him several times to "Stop!" when we got to the edge of the road through the campground. I apparently did not learn my lesson, because I did not get lectured by my two year old yesterday when crossing the parking lot at church.

I did not make the same mistake that I made last week. I did not forget to buckle in my two year old again. I did not discover this mistake once we'd made it to our next destination. I do not need to come up with a mental check list for when loading the kids into the car....

I was not thrilled to hear my near one year old say his first word this week. I did not interpret his mumblings to mean "bear". I was not so excited that I kept on saying it and pointing to the painting of the bear in our cabin that he finally did say "bear". I do not keep asking him, "Grayson, where is the bear?" now that we are home because I find it funny to have him look around the room for that same painting.

I did not laugh hysterically at my near one year old, when he decided to eat a mound of wet sand at the beach this past week. I did not laugh, grab the camera and take several pictures, and laugh some more before I actually stopped him. I would never do that!!

Lastly, I did not add my name to the MckLinky this week before my Not Me! Monday post was completed because I saw that I could make it to number 11! I always post before adding my name....

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

We did the same thing the last time we went on vacation....and the kids took forever to go back to sleep even though it was SUPER early in the morning! My almost one year old had a blast eating sand at the beach this summer too!

Assistant Ring Master said...

You need to teach Jayce to tell you when his buckles are undone - Ben has saved me from the seatbelt's undone discovery countless times! Sorry to hear about Jer's dad and your Grandma; we'll be praying. Let's get together soon - this weekend maybe?

Heidi said...

Who would post early just to be higher on the list? Not me! I've done the seat belt thing too... I Not Me'd our vacation/camping trip today, check it out at