Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meijer Gardens....

... take number 4,206. Or so it seems. We've been to Meijer Gardens several times this summer, and we always enjoy it. I love taking pictures there because it is always beautiful and the kids are always in a good mood. While it might seem like you've seen these pictures before (after all, I've definitely posted about the Gardens before!), I thought I'd share them so I don't go a whole week without posts while we are on vacation.
Jayce managed to find the one place that it would seem like it's ok for kids to walk into the gardens. I told him to smile so I could get a quick picture, then to get out!
Jeremy and Jayce climbed up into the tree fort/house while Grayson and I hung out underneath it. Made for some different pictures.
Here's Jayce crossing the bridge. It took several times for me to get a good enough photo to keep.
Under the tree fort/house, there is a little table and chairs made of wood. Grayson and Jayce thought it was very cool. What a perfect place to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or juice.
There were sprinklers going and it made a beautiful rainbow. Can you see it?
Jeremy was teaching Jayce how to dig in the giant sandbox.
While Jayce was learning to dig holes in the sand, Grayson was busy eating the sand.
Jeremy dug a hole and told Jayce to get in it. Jayce listened. I've got to teach him when it's appropriate to say no!
Apparently he was a willing participant. Here he is filling his hole with sand.
Hanging out at the Children's Garden gate waiting for Grandma and Grandpa.
Trying to get a picture of both boys at the gate. Not as easy as it would seem with a baby that has his own agenda.
Grandma and Grandpa taking a break out by the horse.
The horse. It's not often I make it into pictures.

Grandma, Grandpa and the boys with the horse.
Jayce almost got stepped on... haha.

I think I'm getting better at this photography thing. At least I'm really starting to enjoy it.
Ringing the bell at the Farm.
The rope on the bell gave Jayce his first splinter. We tried removing it while we were there, but he chose to "just leave it alone" until we got home. Talk about fun (said extremely sarcastically!) - 20 minutes of screaming and fighting and that thing finally got out.
I might frame this one.
Peek-a-boo! I can' wait for him to be officially walking. I'd let him out of the stroller a little more, but I'm afraid that the sidewalks would just tear up his knees!
Ahh, the boats. Grayson was quite proud of his fishing net.
Jayce's favorite thing right now is playing in the fountain at the back of the boats area.
Ignore the random person in this photo. I liked getting a picture of Jeremy and Grayson playing together.
Splish, splash!
Jayce was sure he wanted to go in for a swim.
We always end our day with the fountain.
This is what happens when Daddy starts playing with the fountain spray. Grayson is a very tolerant baby. He was getting sprayed in the face for about 10 seconds and he just took it. He loves licking the water off of his face when it gets wet. Strange kid. Love him.


Chaukie said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a fun time.

Ravin2 said...

Love your photography Miss! Keep it up!!

I like when you get in a couple of the pictures too. :)

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