Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's not everyday you get to teach your kid how to eat a sucker. I've never given my kids much as far as candy goes. The biggest "treat" Jayce gets is fruit snacks or cookies every once in a while. So, when he got a sucker from Nana's church, it was a learning experience. That required a bib. No sticky messes, thank you!
Nana was very dedicated in her teaching. She even ate a sucker too.
This was right after we were explaining that you lick a sucker. Not bite.
The funniest part: after about 5 minutes he told me that he didn't like it anymore. I guess candy isn't for him... I wish I had that problem!

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Shelley said...

First...biting a sucker is YUMMY! But Dean always yells at me becuase I don't enjoy them if I bite them. Second, I just had to teach Dean to blow bubbles with his gum the other day. It was super cute and now he's a pro!!