Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i {heart} faces

What's that saying? A day late and a dollar short. Yeah, that's usually me. So, as I'm posting this right now... I realize that it's Wednesday, and the contest is officially closed. All the same, I'm still posting. Maybe someone will really love it. :)

This week's theme (you know, if I had been on time...) was bubbles. I think that was open to interpretation. For instance, Grayson is chewing on the bubbles wand from our kiddie bubbles in the back yard. Um... he's a little dirty. Maybe it's bubbles because he desperately needs a bubble bath. Either way, bubbles it is.

Look for more dirty boys in the backyard later.

Oh, and it's taking a long time to go through the 800+ pictures from Gitche Gumee... I hope you are still being patient, Kev. :)


Kim M said...

I love to be with them to get dirty and help them get clean again!

Ravin2 said...

I am still being patient... and catching up on your posts now... save them for September and I'll look at them with you at your house.