Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grayson's Birthday

Last week was Grayson's first birthday, and we celebrated! Boy, did we celebrate.
Both of the boys loved the balloons we got for Grayson. However, it seemed like Grayson preferred to chew on them rather than play with them. Jayce is still running around the house with the balloons.
We started out our day with a special breakfast. And yes, that's a balloon.
Jayce had Mickey Mouse and a "j".
Grayson had help opening his presents. Jayce didn't quite grasp the concept of Grayson opening his own presents, and Grayson wasn't really that interested in tearing off the paper himself, so they made a great team.
He really was very happy, most of the day. He just didn't like that I made him sit in the paper to take a picture.
Jayce helped decorate a card that Aunt Susie sent for Grayson (Thanks Aunt Susie!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!)
Grayson and Jayce really enjoy the new toys Grayson got for his birthday. I'll have to post the video of Grayson dancing to the music the drum plays.
Grayson is mesmerized by the stacking cups he got. Put the small one in, take it out. Put the small one in, take it out. He did it again today. I'd say they are a hit!
No, Jayce didn't get any presents, although you can't convince him of that. He's pretty sure that this Lightening and Mater are actually his!
Poor kid skipped part of his nap time, so he fell asleep at dinner. On my hand. It was actually pretty sweet.
Shame on me, I probably should have let him go to bed, but I woke my sleepy birthday boy up for some cake! (Oh, and sorry for the off coloring in these photos... they turned out a little weird.)
I believe he's a pyromaniac in the making. I'm not sure if he was just curious, or planning on shoving it in my face for waking him up.
When we first put the cake on his tray, he picked up pieces of corn and hot dog from dinner and put it on his frosting. Doesn't that sound appetizing!
After a few tastes of icing, he was all smiles.
Grayson was a big fan of birthday cake. Mmm...
Jayce was not a big fan on me taking a picture of him.
Opening presents that Nana and Papa brought over to West MI. This was from Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Harold. (Thanks for the DVD! I'm looking forward to watching it with the boys!)
Grayson really likes his new piano. Mommy and Daddy aren't too sure we like it... after all, it makes a lot of noise! The boys love it though.
On Saturday, we planned to have a birthday party for Grayson at a local park. Unfortunately, we chose the worst day of the week to have an outdoor party. The weather wasn't horrible - that would have actually been welcomed. However, it was chilly (for August) and sunny one minute, rainy the next. If someone needed a good physical example of stereotypical "Michigan weather," Saturday would have been it. That being said, it was difficult to decide if we should have the party outdoors like we'd planned, or at a friend's house (some wonderful friends of ours graciously offered their house as a back up should the weather have been bad - a huge THANKS to them!!). We chose the friend's house.
Grayson had a great time playing with some of their toys. Here he is balancing on a sit n' spin while holding a new toy from Grandma and Grandpa. When he first opened this walking toy, he picked it up (instead of rolling it) and walked about 5 steps.
Since we were inside for the majority of the party, I suggested going outside for cup cakes and bike riding (for the older kids). Approximately 4 minutes after we went out (mind you, it was sunny and beautiful when I made the decision to go outside...), it started to rain. Just my luck for the day. What matters, though, is that Grayson was thrilled to see another "cake" and candle. He also likes the birthday song. Good thing, too, because Jayce sang it to him about 50 times last weekend.
I do believe this is my favorite picture from his whole birthday weekend.
After cupcakes, we went back inside and played with friends until it was time to go home to bed.
We had a really good time celebrating Grayson's first birthday, and we are looking forward to celebrating many, many more with him. Happy Birthday, Grayson! We love you!!

Oh, and this is my friend's daughter, the princess. I wanted to add this one in here because I think she's so stinkin' adorable. And I thought my friend would want to save it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, Melissa, Jayce & Grayson! Thank you so much Melissa for taking the time to photograph and post your families life story! It so helps us feel connected and part of it! I love the picture of Grayson with a little cake on his face. I think it is the one that you said was your favorite too! Can't wait to see you all......Love to you All! Aunt Susie

Kim M said...

Great memories Melissa! I do like the picture of Grayson with cake on his face and looking upward but I think my favorite is the cake in his hands, on his face where you are holding the #1 in the picture. I love his expression in that one.
What fun and a privelege to be "Nana"!
Love to all!
Mom aka Nana

Kristina said...

These are very cute pictures. I wonder if Nathan will be that big when he is a year old. He's already quite chubby. :-) Do you have a program for those photo montages?

Jenney said...

So cute! I am glad I got a play-by-play via text message!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing his birthday ! A. Jeanette