Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The other night we met my parents for dinner at a Cracker Barrel. If you've ever been to that restaurant, you'd know they are famous for the rocking chair on the front porch. Because we only see my parents every couple of weeks, we took advantage of the free seating and enjoyed some time outdoors visiting after dinner. The boys liked rocking in the little chairs.
Jayce noticed the fireflies that were flying all over the place and Jeremy took the time to show him how to catch fireflies. I took a few pictures...

To end, a cute picture of Grayson that I just couldn't resist adding in here.


Kim M said...

Ah, sweet memories! The pictures are great and I couldn't help but think that Karen (aka Grandma) would have loved playing with the fireflies with Jayce. The preschool teacher in her comes out when there are bugs around!

roxy said...
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Ravin2 said...

Jeremy & Miss,

Somewhere along the way you traded in a baby Grayson and got an almost one-year-old Grayson. Wow, it's going to be a long time until Thanksgiving. PLEASE keep the pictures coming. Love you guys.

Kev & Rach