Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dirty Kids

We don't have the best backyard to play in. We have tons of great toys to play with outside, but our yard leaves a lot to be desired. It's basically a mud pit that grows some grass and weeds. I present the photographic evidence:
Do you see this child? He's still in the crawling stage of life. That means he usually ends up the dirtiest after being outside for a little while.
It usually happens slowly. An innocent reach for something...
Then suddenly he's sitting in the mud.
Jayce isn't immune to the dirt - of course! He is a boy... This slide was covered in weeds and mud before he went down it a couple of times.
Do you see those feet?!?
I suppose this is why they are so covered.
Everything in our backyard is dirty.
I'm sure it didn't help that instead of running to rescue my child that took a tumble into the "mud pit", I ran to grab my camera to snap a few shots. Shame on me...
This is the reason for the muddy lips.
You should know that muddy messes don't really bother me that much... do you remember this post?
Side note: Jayce was thrilled to find a "y" in the backyard.
These pictures were taken in an effort to submit a "bubbles" photograph for i {heart} faces this week. I was a day late. Oops. I was guessing that eating bubbles would work.
Check out that hand...
If you think the layers of dirt on this boy was bad...
You should have seen the bath water when I got done with him.

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Assistant Ring Master said...

what a good, non-OCD mom you are. I am still working on letting my kids get uber-dirty. Digging for worms is about as dirty as it gets around here...