Monday, August 3, 2009

Cash 4 Clunkers **UPDATED**

Let's play a little game here. Can anyone guess what this fine looking '88 Ford F150 is worth? Keep in mind, the starter has been rigged through the fog lights button, one of the doors is strapped shut, there is spray foam sealing the gaps between the door frame and the door, the bed is crooked, the muffler is in desperate need of repair, and the list goes on and on. So, what do you think it's worth? Did anyone guess $8000? Yeah, I didn't think so.
While I would never recommend buying a brand new vehicle (do you know how much value is lost just by driving it off of the lot?) or taking out a loan for a vehicle you can't purchase with cash (yeah, I did do Financial Peace University a couple of years back), but I'm not opposed to taking "free" money from the government. After all, it's my taxes that helped to fund this program, right? So, we turned in Jeremy's $50 truck for a brand-spankin' new minivan. I'm officially a soccer mom. Or at least I drive a car that makes me look like it!
Jeremy was a little sad to be saying goodbye to his truck. It really was a great additional vehicle for the family. It would have been much more difficult to remodel the boys' room without it. I think that's why Jeremy insisted on taking about 20 pictures of the truck before he turned it into the dealership. Pictures of the spray foam, the crooked truck bed, the holes in the floor, etc. I won't bore you with those, but I will leave you with these last few pictures.
I guess Jayce was sad to see it go too. I'm surprised there weren't tears in Jeremy's eyes too.
Goodbye old truck. You've been a good friend.

**Disclaimer** I don't necessarily support our President's spending over the last several months, however when a program comes along that will help us do something that we were already planning on doing in the long run.... Well, I suppose the Cash for Clunkers program is doing exactly what it was meant to do - getting people to spend and get rid of their older vehicles. **

**UPDATE** Jeremy would like me to inform you all out there in blogland, that his truck was not a willing participant in this trade off. According to him, "She didn't want to take her last drive. She put up a fight." As Jeremy was taking it to the dealership to drop it off for its disposal, he was told by several other drivers that he had a flat tire.

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Erin Morgan said...

I can't believe that Jayce let you get rid of his live version of "Fred" :)