Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

It's not too often my cousin, Jenney, and I are in the same town at the same time. We both went away to college and ended up living where we went to school. Even though we haven't lived near each other since 1998, our lives have seemed to parallel one another. We both went to school for a degree in education. Both of our husbands work in law enforcement. We both have two boys, and they are very close in age. So, whenever we have a chance to see one another, we jump at it. A couple of weeks ago, we were able to do just that.
Do you know the saying, "Boys will be boys"? These two definitely prove what that saying is trying to convey. Exhibit A: the hug goodbye.

Rough and tumble boys. Gotta love them.


Shelley said...

That looks like so much fun for Jayce!

Erin Morgan said...

Hey Mel- Wanted you to know i found some cars diecast cars on I don't know if they are the exact ones that they sell in Target etc, but they are cute. :)