Friday, July 10, 2009

We Did It All

In my quest to be the Mother of the Day yesterday, I succeeded in taking the kids to the park, to the Gardens, and to the pool at the neighbor's house. It was a very busy day (especially because I should have been getting us ready to go camping today - oh well!), and the kids slept like rocks last night. Here's a few pictures from the second half of our day.
My good friend, The Assistant Ringmaster, and her kids invited us to go with them to the Gardens. This is the Monkey hugging on Grayson. She's so adorable!
Jayce and the Clown playing with the boats.
Her kids are so stinkin' cute!
This is her (current) baby, the Princess, laughing at the weird volunteer lady with a puppet. Aren't her kids adorable!
Grayson loved splashing in the water. Until he didn't. Then he wanted to be held, while he was really wet. Fun Mommy times!
Jayce took a break from the boats to catch some fish. He likes doing whatever the Clown is doing.
Yes, he is wearing a pink hat. It was tossed on his head in an effort to get the Monkey to put it back on. It worked.
No trip to the Gardens would be complete without a swim in the fountain. Do you think I'm kidding? Check out the Clown...
As always, Grayson was licking the water off of his lips. It must taste like candy or something...
Jeremy was Daddy of the Day too - he got up early after a shortened day of sleep and came with us to the pool.
Grayson's favorite thing was chewing on the noodles.
Do you see this kid?
He swims on his own now.
Cute story to end this post: After Jayce got a face full of water while swimming my himself, I told him that he could always swim to the side of the pool and hang on while he caught his breath. So, the next time he got water in his face, he swam over to the side of the pool and hung on. While he was hanging there, he yelled, "Breath! Breath!" I guess he didn't really understand what I was saying.


Assistant Ring Master said...

Thanks so much for coming with us yesterday! We went back this morning and Ben was really sad that Jayce wasn't there too. I wish Hannah smiled like that for me when I'm taking pictures! Have fun camping :)

Ravin2 said...

My how times have changed since Uncle Mike's pool. You used to be the fish swimming around everywhere, now the fish are your sons! You do deserve an awful big reward... keep up the great work!