Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mother of the Year Day

That's right, I'm aiming at getting the Mother of the Year Day Award today. After my complaining yesterday about my skills as a housewife, I thought I'd make up for my flaws and shortcomings by treating my kids to a fantastic day.
What did we do today? Well, let's start from the beginning, with pictures! (I specifically got the camera out for you, Kev.)
First of all, I have to give credit for my fantastic attitude today to my husband who let me sleep in until 10:30am (I know!!) after being up until 3am with my stupid tooth. Since I got so much rest, I felt like trying to tackle the world. We started in the backyard. In the sandbox. It's messy, but fun!
Jayce was concentrating so hard at what he was doing. I think it was building sand castles and then bulldozing them down. What fun!
Grayson feels like such a big kid being able to play at the sand table too. Not to mention that the bridges for the water half of the table are really yummy to chew on!
Yeah... Grayson doesn't wear shoes. I always thought that Jayce had fat little feet, and then I had Grayson. I suppose I always thought that Jayce was big too... Regardless, I rarely put shoes on this poor boy.
They had so much fun!
Jayce even tried to use his snow shovel in the sand table... that didn't work so well.
We also played with bubbles. Jayce had fun stomping on them once they reached the ground.
Here he is checking out a ladybug on the bubble container.
Grayson ended up eating some sand. Technically, he chewed on the sand toys, but he still ended up eating a fair amount of dirt. What's that saying? Dirt don't hurt? I hope it's true!
Jayce took a ride on the swing at our house, and decided he wanted to swing higher than our swing set allows. I offered to take him to the park so he could do that. He didn't swing much, but he did run around like a crazy kid! Grayson, however, was much slower and easier to photograph.
Here's Jayce running with another boy that was at the park.
Last, Grayson climbing through the tunnel.
I know what you're thinking.... Seriously, Mother of the Day for that? Oh, but our day isn't over yet! After lunch and naps (currently in progress right now!), we are thinking of hitting up the Gardens (remember the boats and fountain?) with some friends and we are talking about taking a dip in the pool at the neighbor's house. All of that, before dinner too. I'm hoping the boys will sleep well tonight!


Kim M said...

I am fairly certain they will sleep well tonight! Glad you got the camera out for Kev and Rach because I loved them!!! Maybe this is just a warmup for camping this weekend!

Shelleyrae33 said...

Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you! Don't worry, Troy doesn't wear shoes either.