Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Desire

I've had a post in my head for about a week now. I know exactly which pictures I'll be downloading from my camera to put it together, I know what words I am going to write, I know that it will be cute and funny and it will probably make lots of people smile. I just haven't gotten around to it this week. We've been working on potty training Jayce, Jeremy's cousins came up for visit, we've just been doing the same ol', same ol' and I just haven't gotten online to update in a while.
So, tonight, I sat down on my couch, laptop charged up, ready to go. I thought I'd check in on all of my Blogger "friends" before I started posting. Must to my dismay, I've found that little Stellan is not doing well. In fact, his medical condition is worsening as I'm typing this. It's bad, really bad.
Naturally, I have no desire to put up a post of cute pictures and funny tag lines. Instead, I'm writing here, asking pleading with you to please, lift up little Stellan to God in prayer tonight/today. He's in desperate need. Thanks.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me My Child! Monday

That MckMama, she always keeps me on my toes! This week we are switching our usual Not Me! Monday habit to Not My Child! Monday!

This week, I did not have to lecture my 2 year old boy about touching his "penie" too much. I did not find him sitting on the floor with "it" pulled out of his pants. I did not use this to my advantage and get him to sit on the toilet. (Oh wait... this is supposed to be about the kids, right??) I did not wake to screams the other morning because my 2 year old had been playing with himself in bed the night before and set himself up to urinate all over outside of his diaper in the morning.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank You, Michigan

It's easy to complain about Michigan: the weather is unpredictable at times, the winters are long and cold, the economy sucks (I'd like to put it in different terminology, but "sucks" just works), etc., etc. There are some good points too. Lake Michigan has some of the most beautiful beaches, the fall leaves are gorgeous, the Mackinaw Bridge and Mackinaw Island. However, I'd have to say that my favorite thing about living in Michigan is the "Scanner Law" or The Pricing and Advertising of Consumers Items Act.
Basically, the "Scanner Law" says that, as a consumer, you have the right to pay the price that is affixed to the item you are purchasing (and furthermore, all items are supposed to be marked). Should the checkout computer charge you the wrong price (i.e. a higher price), and you catch it after you pay for your item, you are entitled to the difference plus ten times the difference (minimum of $1, maximum of $5). Let me give you an example: When my husband was at Meijer the other day, he came across the Cars isle and discovered that they had raised the price of the die cast cars. Bummer, right? Well, there were still a couple of them that were marked at the $3.59 price. Jeremy took those two and went up to the check out and was charged $3.99 for each. After a quick trip to the Customer Service desk, and he had $4.43 in his pocket. Naturally, Jeremy told me about it, and a few days later I was there with the boys looking at the Cars, and low and behold, two more cars are mismarked. Living in Michigan is great!

Dear Meijer and Toys 'R Us,
Thank you for your contribution to my son's (and husband's) obsession with Cars. Thank you for mismarking your merchandise and for not caring about your mismarked merchandise. Thank you for "paying" me to take these toys from you. We are enjoying our 7 new cars (two not pictured because they are currently residing at Grandma's house) immensely.
Thank you,

Monday, July 13, 2009

i {heart} faces

I love entering a photo in the i {heart} faces photo contest every week: I appreciate the extra visitors it brings by my blog, I love the constructive criticism and comments that inevitably come, and I just like showing off my photography (regardless of how good it is!).

This week's theme is a little bit different: sports in action. Although this photo doesn't really depict sports (my husband would disagree - he says the sport is munchkin tossing), it does have action, so that's going to have to work!

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Not Me! Monday

Oh, how I look forward to Monday. What? You don't? Well, maybe you need to try confessing your flaws and shortcomings, just like MckMama, and you might start looking forward to Monday too! Let me show you how it's done, camping-style:

This weekend, I did not go camping for only one night. I did not come home after that one night because both my husband and I (and our kids?) were miserable while camping. I LOVE camping... I just don't understand why I was not so loving this weekend.

I did not forgo covering my kids with bug spray this whole week (and the bugs were bad!). I was not totally lazy, because the bug spray was not totally close by. This did not result in approximately 25 mosquito bites covering both of my boys.

I did not allow my 11 month old to scream at the top of his lungs in the middle of a camp ground while he was trying to go to sleep that one night I camped this weekend. I have not been having problems with him getting to sleep lately. I am not being completely stubborn, because he went from a baby that went to sleep well on his own (maybe five minutes of crying) to a baby that will scream for over an hour. I did not break my own rule by going back into our tent and calming him down and rocking him to sleep. I did not have to literally hold him down in the bed while he was falling asleep. I was not that desperate...

I did not laugh hysterically at my 2 year old and say to my husband, "I'm going to have to remember this for Not Me! Monday," the one night we were camping this weekend. Here's what happened: Jayce sleeps on a little blow up mattress while we are camping. One of our natural fears is that he will get up in the middle of the night and wander out of the tent without us knowing. So, when I heard Jayce's wind pants rustling around at 2:15am the other night, I quickly asked him what he was doing (I'd border on sleep walking - not literally, but he was basically still sleeping while wandering around the tent) and pulled him into bed with Jeremy and I. Jayce tossed and turned for an hour or so, and Jeremy asked him if he wanted to go back to his bed. Jayce said, "Yes," so I put him on the floor so he could get back to his bed. Apparently he was still "sleep walking" and he went over to the dog's bed, pushed her off, and tried to lay down. Lexi got up from her new position on the ground and looked at us like she was saying, "What the heck just happened?" No, we didn't let him stay there. We told Jayce that he was in Lexi's bed and that he needed to go back to his own bed. But I did not laugh hysterically about the whole situation!

Lastly, I did not contribute to my 11 month old smashing his face on the ground and getting a bloody nose two times this weekend. Grayson has a horrible habit of rocking in his booster seat once I've removed the tray. I know this; he does it all the time and I always tell him to stop because it seems like he's going to flip it forward. This weekend, while we were camping, it did not finally happen. I did not walk away from him while he was fastened into his booster seat on a folding chair. I did not anticipate this happening because I tried to distract him before I walked away. I did not turn around just in time to see the chair fold up and him flop, face forward, on the dirt and gravel. I did not yell to my mother-in-law to pick up the chair while I tried to free him from the booster seat. I did not try to hold him and cuddle him and he down right refused. It did not take me an hour to stop feeling sick to my stomach because of what had happened (although the mommy guilt has not yet dissipated...) although he wanted to get down just five minutes after he fell. I did not insist on holding him regardless... I also did not see him face plant on our back porch yesterday. I did not think about how my husband was probably going to walk in the door while Grayson was standing up at it and crying. I did not ignore that thought because I was busy getting ready to go to our friends' house for dinner. I did not shout out a warning to Jeremy just as he was opening the door and see Grayson fall flat. I did not think, Well, at least his head hit the wood door instead of the concrete floor after it happened.

What have you not done this week? Don't hold back, enter your Not Me! Monday moments over at MckMama's blog this week!

Friday, July 10, 2009

We Did It All

In my quest to be the Mother of the Day yesterday, I succeeded in taking the kids to the park, to the Gardens, and to the pool at the neighbor's house. It was a very busy day (especially because I should have been getting us ready to go camping today - oh well!), and the kids slept like rocks last night. Here's a few pictures from the second half of our day.
My good friend, The Assistant Ringmaster, and her kids invited us to go with them to the Gardens. This is the Monkey hugging on Grayson. She's so adorable!
Jayce and the Clown playing with the boats.
Her kids are so stinkin' cute!
This is her (current) baby, the Princess, laughing at the weird volunteer lady with a puppet. Aren't her kids adorable!
Grayson loved splashing in the water. Until he didn't. Then he wanted to be held, while he was really wet. Fun Mommy times!
Jayce took a break from the boats to catch some fish. He likes doing whatever the Clown is doing.
Yes, he is wearing a pink hat. It was tossed on his head in an effort to get the Monkey to put it back on. It worked.
No trip to the Gardens would be complete without a swim in the fountain. Do you think I'm kidding? Check out the Clown...
As always, Grayson was licking the water off of his lips. It must taste like candy or something...
Jeremy was Daddy of the Day too - he got up early after a shortened day of sleep and came with us to the pool.
Grayson's favorite thing was chewing on the noodles.
Do you see this kid?
He swims on his own now.
Cute story to end this post: After Jayce got a face full of water while swimming my himself, I told him that he could always swim to the side of the pool and hang on while he caught his breath. So, the next time he got water in his face, he swam over to the side of the pool and hung on. While he was hanging there, he yelled, "Breath! Breath!" I guess he didn't really understand what I was saying.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mother of the Year Day

That's right, I'm aiming at getting the Mother of the Year Day Award today. After my complaining yesterday about my skills as a housewife, I thought I'd make up for my flaws and shortcomings by treating my kids to a fantastic day.
What did we do today? Well, let's start from the beginning, with pictures! (I specifically got the camera out for you, Kev.)
First of all, I have to give credit for my fantastic attitude today to my husband who let me sleep in until 10:30am (I know!!) after being up until 3am with my stupid tooth. Since I got so much rest, I felt like trying to tackle the world. We started in the backyard. In the sandbox. It's messy, but fun!
Jayce was concentrating so hard at what he was doing. I think it was building sand castles and then bulldozing them down. What fun!
Grayson feels like such a big kid being able to play at the sand table too. Not to mention that the bridges for the water half of the table are really yummy to chew on!
Yeah... Grayson doesn't wear shoes. I always thought that Jayce had fat little feet, and then I had Grayson. I suppose I always thought that Jayce was big too... Regardless, I rarely put shoes on this poor boy.
They had so much fun!
Jayce even tried to use his snow shovel in the sand table... that didn't work so well.
We also played with bubbles. Jayce had fun stomping on them once they reached the ground.
Here he is checking out a ladybug on the bubble container.
Grayson ended up eating some sand. Technically, he chewed on the sand toys, but he still ended up eating a fair amount of dirt. What's that saying? Dirt don't hurt? I hope it's true!
Jayce took a ride on the swing at our house, and decided he wanted to swing higher than our swing set allows. I offered to take him to the park so he could do that. He didn't swing much, but he did run around like a crazy kid! Grayson, however, was much slower and easier to photograph.
Here's Jayce running with another boy that was at the park.
Last, Grayson climbing through the tunnel.
I know what you're thinking.... Seriously, Mother of the Day for that? Oh, but our day isn't over yet! After lunch and naps (currently in progress right now!), we are thinking of hitting up the Gardens (remember the boats and fountain?) with some friends and we are talking about taking a dip in the pool at the neighbor's house. All of that, before dinner too. I'm hoping the boys will sleep well tonight!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Need Help

I'm desperate here, people.

I'm not exactly what you'd call a terrific housewife. There are typically dishes in the sink, laundry baskets full of clothes (clean or dirty), and I'm usually at a loss as to what to serve for dinner. This is where I beg you all for help...

I need ideas. My biggest problem with cooking is that I tend to settle on one thing and make it over and over again. Mexican? Check. Had it last week. Twice. Pasta? Check. Pizza? Check. Burgers/grilling? Check. I need some new and clever ideas to help spice my kitchen life. My husband and kids are begging...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Do you like the new look to Not Me! Monday? Thanks to MckMama for creating this fun-lovin' blog carnival for those of us who need to admit our faults as mothers, wives, daughters, or basically being a part of the general public. That's me, so let's get started.

I did not experience a night that "every parent has had" and laugh through the whole thing. Apparently I do not get disturbed by puke, poop, or pee anymore. That's the trifecta, people. I am not going to beg you to click on this link here if you haven't had the pleasure of reading all about our Gross Night. I did not serve the leftovers from that night to my parents when they came to visit this weekend.

I did not break my tooth on pizza this week. I did not have to have an emergency dentist visit to have my broken tooth drilled and filled (apparently there was a cavity there - I hate the dentist). I did not help open the urgent care center yesterday morning because I now have an infection in/around my new filling. I did not declare Sunday this weekend a movie day because I did not want to deal with kids when I was in pain. I am not the biggest baby because I've had two babies, but this pain is making me want an epidural for my face. I know that's not an option, but I'd like it to be. I did not just take 3 Advil because I am not eating ice cream, even though I'm in pain from it.

I am not such a competitive person that I get in a horrible mood when I lose at something. This does not get at it's worst when cards are in the picture. My parents cannot attest to this fact because they were kind enough to play cards with me all weekend long while they visited for the holiday. I did not make up a new game this weekend, because I was getting bored with the games others were picking. I did not call my brother on his first anniversary to tell him all about it. Happy 1st Anniversary, Kevin and Rachel!

I do not have four baskets of clean laundry waiting for me to fold (that was supposed to have been done this weekend while I had kid help) that I am ignoring as I write this blog post. I did not ignore the laundry earlier today when I took two different naps. I am not dreading finishing this post because I know that I need to go do it...

What have you not done this week? Click on over to MckMama's blog to check out all of the awesome other entries to this blog carnival!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Be Careful... This is REALLY Gross

When it rains, at our house, it pours.

Tonight... oh, tonight. I'm trying to decide if I'm ready to talk about it yet. Actually, I spent most of my time laughing, it was Jeremy who was so greatly disturbed. Well, I suppose I was too. I guess I have to tell the story now, right? Ok, lots of warning here. Where kids are concerned (and that's who I talk about the most, right?), poop, pee, puke, etc. are usually included. Proceed cautiously if you have a weak stomach.

The past couple of days have been a little rough with the diaper situations. We've some sort of stomach virus that is making diaper changing a little... disgusting. I'll leave it at that. Jayce had a very nasty diaper (this child is so getting potty trained soon!) this morning that resulted in a bath immediately after. They are bad.

So, tonight my wonderful husband escaped our house and went to help some friends move furniture. Lucky guy. It just so happened that I was making dinner at the time (macaroni and cheese, if you must know - homemade), and Grayson kept on fussing. Mind you, he always fusses when I've got him gated off from the kitchen and I'm in there, but this was a little different. So after I got the macaroni in my pot of boiling water, I went out to the living room to comfort him. As I'm holding him, I can feel him pushing, and feel him poop in his diaper. I pull my arm away, and I realized that he also pooped outside of his diaper... all over my arm. And his shirt. And his pants. I only have two arms, and one is seriously incapacitated. Somehow (it must have been those mom genes I was granted when I had Jayce), I got him out of his clothes and diaper without too much trouble. Meanwhile, my macaroni is still bubbling away. Oh well, Jeremy prefers his pasta a little more well done.

I finally get dinner done, and the boys sit down to eat. Jayce polished off his entire plateful (it would seem that whatever is making it's way through our house isn't bothering his appetite), and I sat with Grayson, trying to get him to eat. About halfway through a meal, he'll stop eating and start playing with his food. I know that he's not getting enough, because he'll want to nurse immediately afterward. Knowing that he's going to be weened in about two months, I'm trying to encourage him to eat more solids. So when he stops, I'll get him to eat more by my hand.

So, Jeremy gets home and we both sit down to eat too. About halfway through dinner, as I'm sitting down with seconds, Jeremy looks over at me as says, "What's green on your shirt?" I thinking, Hmm... I didn't make anything green, and I look down and realize... it's poop. Right on my left breast, during dinner. Oh fun. I literally jump up from the table and race upstairs to change. I then gathered up all of the nasty clothes that needed washing and ran downstairs with them. As I'm walking past the table, I realized that Grayson is throwing up...

It would seem that Grayson is developing a very nasty habit of being bulimic. I do not take eating disorders lightly, and I do believe that they are a very terrible problem for many people. I just don't know what else to call it. His nasty habit? He'll gag himself... until he throws up unless I literally pull his fingers out of his mouth several times a meal. That's exactly what he did tonight.

I continued on my mission to get the soiled clothes into the wash, and put Jeremy on puke cleanup. Thankfully, Grayson hadn't gotten the bath he desperately needed after the pooping incident. The whole time Jeremy was cleaning him up, he was gagging and complaining about the smell. "It's not like baby puke anymore, it's real puke!" Hilarious. I was laughing so hard at Jeremy's response. Mostly because I've definitely been there before.

As I'm coming back up the stairs from the laundry area in the basement, I could hear Jayce calling me from the kitchen. I look up, and I see Jayce with his hands down the front of his pants with a silly grin on his face. "Mommy, I touch my peenie!" What do I do? I laugh harder. And tell him to go to his dad. Jeremy was the good parent, and told him to remove his hand from his pants as I was laughing my head off in the kitchen.

Jeremy finally got Grayson down from the high chair and took him into the bathroom for his bath. Jayce and I followed them. Suddenly, Jeremy is hacking and gagging again, as he realized that Grayson still had a ton of pukey chunks on him in the creases on his legs and he was now playing with it. Yeah, gross. I dash for a towel to clean it off, and Jayce goes over to the toilet and puts his hand in it. I don't know why. Maybe for attention? Regardless, I made him thoroughly wash his hands as Jeremy got Grayson's diaper off for the bathtub.

It couldn't be that easy, though. Yes, Grayson had pooped again, and now the diaper was off and there were no wipes in the bathroom. Jeremy yelled for me to grab him some wipes and to wipe off Grayson while he was standing up. Not an easy task on a baby that's constantly moving around. Eventually, as Jeremy put it, he got the front and I got the back. Grayson finally got in the bath and got cleaned up. Jayce was plopped down in front of a VeggieTales movie (yeah, I'm that kind of mom) that was promised to him while I bathed Grayson and Jeremy tried to get his gag reflex back in order.

Now I'm left with a ton of macaroni and cheese leftovers (do you really think anyone in this house is going to want to eat it now?) and a husband that still needs to go into work tonight. On next to no sleep.

What a night! And perfect fodder for Not Me! Monday... oh, it's only Wednesday?