Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Lots of random pictures and a prayer request at the bottom.
We stopped by my cousin's, Jenney's, house on the way home from our Kentucky camping trip last week. Her husband, #1 (how she refers to him), is a police officer, and he stopped by while we were visiting and the big boys hopped into the car for a photo opportunity.
This is what happens when you can pull up on stuff, but you aren't careful of where you are. He was still happy, even though he was constantly banging his head on the table.
I love this kid. He refused to take a nap the other morning, and he fell asleep during lunch. Too cute to not take a picture.
Look at my big boy! My dear friend, Andrea, was so cool and set up pony rides for our two kids (Izzy, her daughter, is going to be 3 this summer). I really thought Jayce would have a problem being on a pony and not freaking out, but he was such a champ! He did so well. And you can see that he enjoyed his pony ride!


Please be praying for my father-in-law. He was taken to the hospital tonight because he had been running a high temperature. Thanks, friends.

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Kim M said...

We are praying for Ron. Love the pictures.