Thursday, June 25, 2009

Splish, Splash!

Oh baby, it's HOT outside. If you live in West Michigan, you know what I mean. We've been doing what we can to keep cool without air conditioning (rest assured, people, we do have it in our bedrooms upstairs so everyone can sleep comfortably). Our wonderful neighbors have allowed us to use their pool at will (Jayce, incidentally, has become an expert swimmer with a life jacket in only a short time), but I'm not entirely comfortable taking the boys by myself. I have a feeling that if this summer gets much hotter, I'll be changing my mind quickly. We've done the needless run to Meijer for nothing at all just to be in the air conditioned car and store (and to look at the Lightning Mater stuff, according to Jayce). Today, we broke out the kiddie pool for the first time this year. Fun times ensued.
Grayson was not thrilled with the straight-out-of-the-hose temperature water. I did add some hot water from the house.
Jayce really enjoyed being able to have free will where splashing was concerned (I do not enjoy being splashed during bathtime).
When he wasn't splashing, he was playing in a mud puddle, because, you know, we got the kiddie pool out. Naturally, the mud puddle drew all kinds of attention. He is a boy, after all. His favorite thing to do: walk through the mud and get his feet covered, then go down the slide to get "clean". You know the water didn't stay clean for long.
Grayson enjoyed the slide. The boys were really good about taking turns.
I didn't feel the need to put a swim diaper on the boys when we were only hanging out in our own pool. I imagine those diapers get a little uncomfortable when they are so water-logged.
I believe I captured the only time the boys successfully shared the big bowl. It was soon taken away. Yes, they are brothers.
Grayson's diaper became so water logged that it literally fell off. I had to take a rear end shot. I totally missed out, though. To get into the house, I had both boys striped down to their birthday suits... that would have been the perfect blackmail photo in the future.
To end, a little video. It's been a long time since I've posted a video of the boys playing, so here you go!



GREAT NEWS!!! Ron is home from the hospital. They got home today around 4 pm, and naturally, he's pretty exhausted, but he's home. Praise the Lord.


Shelleyrae33 said...

Praise the LORD that Ron is home. I'm so happy for your family! I love the video. I think it's hilarious that it's literaly 1/8th of a second between the beginning of the slide and when his feet hit the pool :)

Ravin2 said...

Grayson's backside is constantly mooning me on my computer background. Well done Mommy Miss! Rachel and I have saved this picture for blackmail... :)