Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perfect Summer Days

Do you ever have one of those perfect summer days? You know the one: you get up early, accomplish many things, spend the day outdoors enjoying the weather, maybe head to a park, grill out or have a wonderful dinner, and just spend time with your family. Ok, well it wasn't quite like that, but it was pretty terrific.
We started out our day with a visit to the hospital to see Grandma and Grandpa. Check out the update below. We were actually able to talk Grandma (with Grandpa's help) into joining us on our excursion for the day: Frederick Meijer Gardens.
If, by chance, you haven't been to the Gardens before, you really have to check them out. Specifically the Children's Gardens. I guess they were celebrating its 5th "birthday" today, and there was a huge party going on with face painting, arts and crafts, cupcakes and snacks, a man in a huge mouse suit (I really don't understand that one...), amongst other things. While we did join in on some of the celebration stuff, we really spent most of our time with the water exhibits.
We started out at the Great Lakes exhibit. It is a series of fountains/pools that show how water moves through the Great Lakes.
Grayson spent some time watching Jayce play with the boats...

Then he figured he wanted to get in on the action too. One of the fountains was pretty low, so it was perfect for Grayson to play in.
As you can see, he definitely enjoyed splashing around in the water.
So much so that he was eager to get back to his playing. Jayce wouldn't stop for me to take a decent picture of him.
I was lucky enough to have the Great Lakes to distract Grayson from the fact that he was wearing a hat. For some reason (like because he's a baby!), he won't keep a hat on, and his noggin' is much to large for an infant hat that attaches on.
Jayce had so much fun pushing boats around in the lakes.
His favorite part was making them go over this waterfall.
And playing in the fountain. And splashing water on himself. An pouring water on his toes. And basically anything that involved the Great Lakes exhibit.
Want to know why it looks like Grayson is staring down someone?
He was lusting over what Jayce (and the rest of us!) were eating: yummy cupcakes! Don't worry, Grayson got a small bite too.
Grandma even snuck in a lesson on bugs.
Papa took Jayce through the butterfly maze.
Jayce also spent some time in the tree house area, but I didn't get any pictures of it. We ended our afternoon at the Gardens in the fountain exhibit. There was a boy there who was quite the expert at making the stream of water spray wildly. Grayson kept on getting it in the face, but he was such a trooper, never making a peep. The rest of us got slightly drenched too. Like I said, he was good.
Grayson had a lot of fun playing with the streams of water.
Anytime he got a face full, he'd just lick it off.
Do you see the smile under Elmo's hat? We really had a great day.

Please keep Ron in your prayers. While he seems to be doing much better with the infection, his decreased liver function and immobility is causing a lot of fluid retention. So much so that he is getting increasingly uncomfortable. If you'd like something specific to pray about, please pray that he will have some comfort from the fluid retention, that those fluids will work their way out of his body, and that he will be able to gain back some strength so he can start moving around more (another possible cause of the retention - immobility). Ron and Karen celebrated their anniversary (the 26th) last year in the hospital, and I know they would really like to be able to celebrate at home this year. God knows what is best for Ron and for his healing from this current problem, and ultimately from the cancer. While we know God's plan is best, it sure would be nice to have Grandpa home soon. Thanks for praying, friends. We do covet your prayers and I truly believe that God is working a miracle in Ron's life daily.

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Kim M said...

Oh what fun we had - your boys love the water! Grayson amazed me how well he handled getting the water sprayed directly at his face! It is a nice place for the boys to visit and we enjoyed hanging out with Karen for a little bit and getting her out in the fresh air. We missed Ron but were glad we could visit in the hospital before Meijer Gardens. Thanks again for the birthday/father's day celebration!