Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh What a Night....

Bum, bum, bump, bump. Care to sing it with me?

Last night was quite the crazy night. With Jeremy's dad so sick in the hospital (check the bottom of this post to see an update), last night was the only night this week that Jer was home. We definitely took advantage of it and bathed both of the boys, did a ton of laundry (or started) and watched two movies (incidentally, don't rent "New in Town" - it was horrible). We stayed up much too late for our own good, but with Jeremy working 3rd shift, it works well for him to do that, and I sometimes get sucked into that schedule too.
Regardless, we didn't get to bed until after 2am, just as it was starting to storm, and I didn't really fall asleep until after 3am. Suddenly, I heard Jeremy say, "Go out in the hall and close the door." In my sleepy state, I misunderstood him and got up and closed the door and got back into bed. I heard Jer say, "I told you to go out in the hall and close the door!" I told him that I had, and asked him what was going on. He replied, "There's a bat in here." I looked up and saw a dark, winged creature circling the room. Many squeals (on my part) and thumps (on Jer's part) later, Jeremy had successfully batted the flying rodent out of the air - with a laundry basket. And where did it land? Right next to my sheet covered head on the bed. Gross.
After a sheet change on the bed, watching Jeremy fill the hole in our ceiling with spray foam, and a few minutes of trying to calm myself down, I was finally back to sleep around 4am. Just in time for Grayson to wake up crying in the boys' room. In an effort for him to not wake Jayce, I went in a got him. I was tired enough that I didn't want to listen to him cry, so I laid him down in bed with us and fed him. I drifted off to sleep while he nursed.
Suddenly, at 5am, I heard Jayce scream out. I woke with a start, and quickly realized that the storm that had started a couple hours earlier had just knocked out our power. Since Jayce sleeps with an air purifier in his room for white noise, he noticed the sudden quiet immediately, and got upset. It took a few minutes to calm him down, then he wanted me to rock him for a few minutes, and he finally got back in bed by 5:30am. However, since it was starting to get light out, the bird were obnoxiously loud and we had no white noise to cover it, Jayce was up for the morning. As I was starting to fall asleep at 6am, I heard Jayce's Elmo flashlight talking. Thankfully, Jeremy got up with Jayce, and Grayson decided to sleep for a couple more hours.
Like I said, oh what a night...


While we were up all night with the children and the bats, Ron was getting better at the hospital. A couple of days ago, the doctors decided to put a couple of drains into Ron's liver because they discovered infection. As the infection has been draining out, Ron's vitals have been getting better and better. Today, we went to visit and he was sitting up in a chair after physical therapy. The boys even went back to say hi for a few minutes. While he's not necessarily out of the woods yet, the doctors are talking about moving him back to a regular room (out of the critical care unit). All good news right now. Please keep praying. While it seems unlikely, Ron and Karen's anniversary is on the 26th, and we'd really like them to celebrate at home (last year they celebrated in the hospital). I firmly believe that Ron is experiencing miracle after miracle as he continues to fight this cancer. Let's keep praying that God will continue to heal him. Thanks, friends.


Megan said...

Wow, that does sound like a crazy and long night! So very glad to hear Ron is improving!!

Kim M said...

I too have witnessed the many miracles God has and is performing through Ron - it is so great to know that he is using this to honor and glorify God. He is a stronger fighter and has the strongest will to live than anyone I have even known.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family! A. jeanette