Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not Me! Wednesday?

Not Me! WEDNESDAY?!? Did I seriously neglect to post a Not Me! post again? How does the time go by so quickly? You can definitely go check out MckMama's blog to see all of the Not Me! MONDAY posts that were actually posted on the appropriate day.

I definitely did not have the following conversations with my two year old son:

Me: Wow, Jayce, you are really stinky!
Jayce: Not stinky, it smells like flowers!

Me: Jayce, please don't push mommy. I don't like that.
Jayce: I push Mommy. She fall down. Get hurt.

Where does he get this stuff? He mostly definitely did not tell me about getting hurt after I had tried to help him understand that it's not appropriate to run around hitting people with hands or heads (he does this weird head butt thing right now) or body slamming people. He did not fall down and get hurt when that happened. I'm an awful mother.

I do not have a 10 month old that now climbs stairs. I would never use various large objects to block our stairs instead of just sucking it up and going to the store to get a new baby gait (the dog chewed up the other one). I did not discover that he could move the two full laundry baskets so that he could dash up those stairs while I was washing dishes. He is not faster than Jayce at crawling up stairs.

I am not totally exhausted after being at the hospital until 3am last night. I do not have the best neighbors (my brother-in-law's parents!) who were totally willing to watch the kids for me so that I could go up to the hospital to sit with Jeremy and the family last night. I am not falling asleep as I write this. I did not turn on the "Lightning and Mater movie" so that I might catch a few minutes to do this so I can nap during naptime.


In all seriousness, I'd like to give you a little bit of an update on Ron's condition:

Last night the doctor's decided that Ron's spleen had a small bleed on it, and that it was probably going to require surgery. I went up to the hospital to be with the family during the surgery (very risky for someone in such a weakened state and he has fluid on the lungs and around his heart). I arrived just in time to hear a resident telling the family that surgery wasn't recommended anymore because they had done a CAT scan and found that the cancer had grown significantly. Obviously this was quite upsetting for everyone. We all gathered around Ron's bed and prayed. This morning, his oncologist came by and told them that he isn't convinced that what showed up on the CAT scan was actually cancer, but that it could be infection. He was able to give everyone a little glimmer of hope - something that the resident wasn't conveying at all. If you've been following Ron's fight with cancer at all you might remember that just after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the Whipple procedure was performed on him to hopefully remove the cancer. The surgeon came out after the surgery and told Karen that he wasn't able to get it all, and that she should consider moving up Lauren's wedding that was just a few months away. Ron defied the odds then. Last spring, Ron was struggling again, and they consulted with that same surgeon again. He told them to go home and call hospice and consider just trying to make him comfortable. Again, Ron defied the odds. Most doctor's would tell you that when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, there's not much that can be done and you probably only have a couple of months left. Two and a half years ago he was diagnosed. Ron has proven over and over that he defies the odds. Now, today at 1pm, he will be having a procedure that will determine if the CAT scan showed a growth in the cancer or infection. Please pray that the procedure will go well and that there will be no complications. Pray that it is indeed infection and that it can be treated easily and that Ron gets better. We serve an amazing God who has already performed so many miracles on Ron, please pray with us that Ron will experience one (or many) more and that he will be healed from this cancer/infection. Thanks friends.


drahdrah said...

I can totally relate to your current situation, both with the kids and your father in law (I have an active 10 month old, and my mother has lung cancer that has spread to her bones). My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Jenney said...

We're praying Mitt!

Megan said...

I'm praying.