Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This week's Not Me! Monday post is going to be short and sweet, seeing as we are actually camping in KT with my brother and sister-in-law (and our parents) this week. Yes, I auto posted this - I just can't go two weeks in a row without Not Me! Monday!! MckMama, you have made an addict of me. I suppose there could be worse things...

This week, while camping with my in-laws over Memorial Day weekend, you would not have heard my 2 year old shouting at the top of his lungs, "I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!" while standing in the middle of a trailer park. Well, at least, a camping trailer park. I did not teach him to say such awful things like that sentence: it was Mater - as in Lightning and Mater. That Cars movie gets me in trouble all the time!

I do not get overly committed to my 2 year old's favorite characters and go overboard with his newest obsession, Cars. I have not gotten into the habit of wandering through the toys section of every store I go to in hopes that we might find one of those extremely rare, hard to find diecast cars. My husband does not care more about getting all of the characters than my 2 year old does - he would be happy with a Lightning and Mater, I think. We have not spent way too many dollars on our new obsession, only to most likely move on to a different movie or set of characters soon.

While I was washing dishes this morning, I did not hear my husband yell from the living room, "Jayce, do not drill Grayson's head!" I did not laugh hysterically, write down the sentence, and plan to post it on here. (**FYI** No, Jayce did not use a drill on Grayson's head - he has a toy drill that makes noise and the drill bit pushes into the toy. Apparently, Jayce was pretending to poke Grayson with it.)

I am not totally excited to be hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law this week. I haven't seen them since February, and the whole family hasn't been together since Christmas!


*sara* said...

I never autopost! Nope, not me! And I do not write down hilarious quotes either! Definitely didn't write a whole bunch down at my friend's bachelorette party Memorial Day weekend!

erin morgan said...

I am NOT obsessed with with those Cars diecast toys either. I haven't even been bidding on them on ebay since the new "tony" car came out -- The Pizza Planet Truck. I haven't even received one in the mail (the Elvis RV). I hope that your non-obsession doesn't kill your savings like it has for us!! :)