Friday, June 12, 2009

Jeremy's Dad **UPDATED**

Praying Friends,
Jeremy's dad is very sick. Please, keep him in your prayers tonight. Jer is currently at the hospital with his family. I don't want to go into detail, but please be praying for the doctor's wisdom and for his healing from this infection and for the family. Thank you.


Thank you all for praying. Please, continue to keep Ron and the family in your prayers. He has a very long battle ahead of him. Last night we got a call from Karen around 11pm saying that Ron's fever had spiked again, and they were having a very difficult time getting it back down. It seemed like he was beginning to lose consciousness, and that his liver was beginning to fail. Naturally, we were very concerned, and Jeremy left for the hospital immediately. My parents were gracious enough to make the drive over to be with the kids if I needed to join Jeremy at the hospital (please take a second to wish them a happy anniversary in the comments section - today it's been 29 years!). Jeremy called just after arriving to tell me that things weren't as bad as they seemed when he had left. Over the course of a couple of hours, they (meaning the doctor's medicines and the family's hard work - from the sounds of it, it was Karen and the kids that were doing a somewhat "ice bath" and cool wash cloths to help bring the fever down) were able to get Ron's fever to come down to a "normal" level. Again, please continue to keep Ron in your prayers. He has a blood infection that seems to be coming from his Pic line (the port he had put in last year to allow him the nutrition that goes directly to his blood stream), so they had it removed yesterday. Right now, the goal is to get him infection free so another port can be placed before he comes home.
Here's what I'm specifically praying for:
* That Ron will get well enough to come home SOON. The hospital can be a very discouraging place.
* That Karen (and the family) will have peace and strength over these next few days. I can't imagine how stressed she (they) must be.
* That Ron will have the strength to fight off this infection.
* That Ron will have some relief from the pain.
* That God will heal Ron.
Again, thank you for praying and for your concern.


Assistant Ring Master said...

So sorry to hear about this turn - we will be praying for Ron and the whole family. Please keep us updated!

Jenney said...

We'll be praying for Grandpa Ron and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AUNT KIM AND UNCLE RICK. Keep us updated, ok?

Sara said...

Definately keeping your family in my prayers. Hope your F-I-L is doing better!