Monday, June 8, 2009


No, I didn't mysteriously disappear from the blog-o-sphere intentionally this past week. The "evil machine" (this is what I called our computer the last time it defied me!) decided to rear it's ugly head again this week. Instead of refusing to download pictures, the power cord would no longer charge the computer. Therefore, no blogging, no email, no balancing the checkbook, no paying the mortgage (no worries, it's been paid now!), nothing. Until tonight Jeremy went out and bought a new power cord. I couldn't take it anymore, I needed the Internet! So, I'm back. I'm really back. And tomorrow I'll have some pictures posted on here. I promise.


Kim M said...

Glad to see you got the issue fixed - we are looking forward to the pictures and your commentary! Missing those two sweet boys of yours but I know after 10 days, you were ready to get your family life back!

Jenney said...

Ew, we had to replace our power cord-twice...and then we had to get a new computer. EW