Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day 2009

This year we celebrated Father's Day with Ron in the hospital (not our best Father's Day yet, but we were happy to all be together), and I took a few pictures. Thought you might like to see them.
To the best Daddy I could ever hope for and want for my children: Thank you for being such a wonderful father. You had a great example of what a father should be, and I know that our boys do too. We hope you had a great "Happy Daddy's Day"!
This is the look that Grayson gives just after being tickled by Jeremy's goatee.
Grandma definitely enjoyed the lovin' that the boys were giving her.
Jayce and Grandma enjoy giving each other Eskimo kisses.
Jayce actually enjoys giving anyone Eskimo kisses. He now asks for them when going to bed.
Grandpa seemed to enjoy watching Grandma play with the boys.
Aunti Kalena brought Grandpa some balloons which someone seemed to think were for him... I also made it into a picture!
Daddy and Grayson hanging out together.
Jayce and Uncle Jon-Jon had fun together.
The whole family. Thankfully the nurse walked in just as I was going to take a picture of the family. Although photography was a tad out of her list of duties, she was willing to take the picture so I could be in it too.
Daddy said his goodbyes because he had to go to work that night. No, Jayce doesn't have a tissue up to his nose, it's a Larry sticker (VeggieTales) that he is smelling for some reason.
Jeremy and Dad Meyers.
Kalena made a DVD of some old movies of Ron and Karen's (actually, it turns out they were Karen's parents' movies) from when they were in Hawaii. We got to see lots of Hawaii scenery and Kalena as a baby. It was a very cool Father's Day gift.
Jayce a tons of fun batting around the balloons.
Aunti Lauren had lots of fun being batted by the balloons.
Jayce found a string "pet" again. He also had one in Kentucky. He walked around dragging it behind him for a week.
This is Grayson's "I'm-totally-coming-to-get-your-camera-mommy" look. That's about the time I chose to put the camera away.
We had a great Father's Day celebration with the Meyers family.


Ron Update: Rumor is that he's going to be breaking out of the hospital tomorrow!

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Kim M said...

What a great post - I am so glad you were all able to be there together with Ron - it isn't so much where but that everyone is together. I love the picture of Jer and Ron - the look in Ron's face - you can see he is proud of Jeremy and the love just pours out.
Thanks for letting us in on the celebration and we will be praising God when Ron is released to go home (his heart's desire).