Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Best Corn on the Cob

I really don't like to toot my own horn when it comes to my cooking ability, because, basically, I don't have much. However, there are a few things that I think I really do well, and corn on the cob is one of those. Here's what I do:
This is my cast of ingredients. The only thing not pictured here is the corn. You can also opt to use butter instead of margarine. Do you see a pot full of boiling water? Nope, that's because you won't need it. I grill my corn on the cob, not boil. I think that the corn loses tons of flavor by boiling it.
After husking the corn well (no leftover strings for me!) I start off by tearing off squares of tin foil, as many as cobs of corn you will be grilling. I spread approximately 1/2 Tablespoon of butter on one cob of corn then sprinkle lightly with salt. Remember, you can always add more butter and salt just before you eat, so go lightly. After butter and salting your corn, wrap it up in the tin foil.This is the best part of the cooking process for me. After all the corn on the cob is wrapped in tin foil, I hand it off to Jeremy and tell him to cook it. If you aren't as lucky as me to have a grill expert (well, he's pretty close), here's my recommendation: start your grill, and immediately place your rolled up corn on the top rack for the duration of your cooking. You could put it directly over the heat for a short time, but don't leave it there for long. You run the risk of it burning that way. It's better to slowly cook it and just fire it for a short while. Tonight, I think Jeremy had it on the grill for approximately 30-40 minutes.
Let the corn sit for about 5 minutes after it comes off of the grill. Believe me, you'll want it to sit for a few minutes: it's much too hot to handle. Unwrap and enjoy! The best part about it being wrapped in the foil is that when you want seconds, it's still nice and hot.Here's what a few of my fans have to say: "Mommy makes the best corn on the cob! Jayce have more?"
"Garble, garble, yum, yum." (Interpretation: Mmm, Mommy. That was delicious!)

Next time you want corn on the cob with dinner, please, put away your pot and water and try it this way. I can guarantee you will love it!


Lacey said...

I do it that way too! :) I've also done sliced potatoes/green pepper/onions in a homemade tin foil baggie on the grill. YUM! :) Oh, and of course baked potatos... Mmm. Im hungry...

Sara said...

Ok, I want to drive to Meijer and buy corn right now. I haven't had any yet this summer and that just made me want it bad! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Shelleyrae33 said...

I think I will be doing that tomorrow for dinner. Sounds yummy!

Kelly said...

I will have to try it this way. We do it in water and we all love corn on the cob. I am excited to try it your way. :) Cute pictures too!