Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sure Sign of Spring

Ah, spring. I adore springtime. The sweet smells in the air (think lilacs here - I love the smell of lilacs. Mmm...), the beautiful flowers, the time spent outside playing after a winter of being cooped up inside...

But most importantly, spring means it is finally time to unwrap the camper (my in-law's camper, specifically), and to get ready for camping!
That's exactly what we did just last week. That's Lauren (Aunti Lauren to some) on top of the trailer.
Yes, she is part super-human, in case you were wondering.
Are you wondering why Jeremy is looking so disgusted? No, it wasn't the job he was doing, but what he found while doing that job: a raccoon. A non-living raccoon. That's as specific as I'll get - you should be spared the gory details.
Now, we've officially packed that camper up, the big van too, along with our car, and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll be off on our first camping adventure with two kids. Wish us luck! See you on Monday!


Ravin said...

I love your spring pictures! Very artistic! I can't wait 'til NEXT WEEKEND!

Shelleyrae33 said...

I love the pics - except the ones of the flowers. And that's because flowers stink.

Jenney said...

Good luck camping...and don't bring any of those lilacs around me or my children or we will all be sick. Outside they are ok :o)

Leah said...

MckMama skipped the Not Me's this week, but you can still participate in Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Come on by