Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ahh, Monday. I feel that after weeks of not being prepared for Not Me! Monday, I have an immense amount of ammunition for this weeks confession, MckMama-style. Hang in there, this could get long!

After promising, last week, to "catch up" on blogging and share some pictures with you out there in blogland, my computer did not throw up it's hands, lay on the floor and scream "NOOOO!!!" much like a tantrum my two year old could throw and refuse all of those nice, new pictures. Ok, it didn't, but it certainly did not inform me that our D drive was full and that I couldn't download more pictures until some space was cleared up. I have not spent this past week slowly weeding through hundreds of thousands of pictures, trying to free up that space that it wants me to. I am not completely and totally thankful that this because it forced me to look through pictures of when my first born was just a small babe. This did not make me want a new baby.... Nope, not me!

I was not looking so amazingly great that a Mary Kay lady approached me in the grocery store to offer me $20 worth of makeup and product. 'Nough said.

You would not have caught me in a McDonald's play place this week. I did not intentionally go to McDonald's just to a place for my two year old to play. Those places are gross and disgusting and I would never allow my children (yes, both!) to crawl around in one. Or play at the mall. I do not have photographic proof of both of these things.... Or of me inside of the play place, taking pictures of my kids playing. Nope, not me!

I did not sign my husband up for hard labor so that I wouldn't feel guilty taking my kids to our neighbor's pool this summer. My poor husband is not committed to several more days of deck building. He did not get a bad sunburn on his head and arms, all so that the kids and I can enjoy a little cool down this summer. (Side Note: Our neighbor's have told us repeatedly that we are more than welcome to use the pool whenever we want. I just don't feel right doing it unless we are helping too.)

Well, that's it for Not Me! Monday this week. As always, check out MckMama's version along with the hundreds of others that participate in Not Me! Monday every week. Happy Monday!

I totally did not make it to #19 this week!


Kim M said...

I remember a comment while you "were not" inside the McDonald's Playplace taking photos, I believe it went something like this. "Can you see my "Not Me Monday" blog this week?". Nicely done.
Mom aka Nana

Kim M said...

I just checked out McMama's Not Me Monday and I see you are #19 this week! Congratulations!

Staci said...

Great Not Me's! Have a great week.

beautyinallthings said...

I love free stuff! Free make-up, free access to a pool....

Mel's Mom said...

We do not visit those nasty play place's either. And my precious daughter did not go to the top of one (you know how well those are ventilated)...and proceed to dirty her diaper...ewwww...yep...not us!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Great Not Me's and great hubby for "taking one for the team" so you can use the pool. I totally understand how you feel, I'd feel very much the same way!

Adelas said...

Randomly clicked through to you today from MCK.

Congrats on finally going through - I mean NOT going through - all your baby pictures!

Happy Not Me Monday! :)