Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

That's right, folks. It's back. You'll have to forgive me, you see, Monday crept up on me and before I knew it... BAM!! Monday is almost over and I haven't even started my confessing, a la MckMama! Seeing as this week has been a little rough around the edges, Not Me! Monday is going Jayce-style.

This weekend, my dad did not watch the boys for me so I could go to a baby shower for a cousin and his fiance. I was not regaled with the following story upon returning from my afternoon party:
My dad made hot dogs and tator tots for Jayce for lunch. After sitting him down at the table with his hot dog in bun on his plate, my dad returned to the kitchen to fix his own plate. When he returned to the table about a minute later, the bun was on the plate, but the hot dog was missing. "Jayce, where's your hot dog?" my dad asked my 2 year old. "In here, " Jayce replied, pointing to his mouth.

I have not had some trouble with a certain 2 year old and his mouth over the past couple of weeks. I do not often hear Jayce saying "yes" just after I've told him no, or "no" just after I've told him to do something. I did not inform him that this was not appropriate behavior and from now on, when it happened, I was going to smack his hand. Jayce did not turn to me and say, "No, smack my mouth." Kids. I did not tell him that it would be considered child abuse if I should smack his mouth that often.

I am not sitting here, listening to an 8 month old scream for over an hour in an attempt to put himself to sleep and to gain myself just a little bit of sanity. I have not been allowing my 8 month old to sleep in my bed for approximately half the night, every night, for the past several weeks. I am not trying to grab onto whatever bit of sanity that I have left by forcing him to sleep the entire night in his own bed, no feedings, no rescue. This may not be the hardest night of my life.

As always, make sure you check out MckMama's Not Me! Monday post to see what everyone else is not confessing!

I was not number 787 on MckMama's Mr. Linky this week!!! Go me!


Kim M said...

It's always fun to read these Not Me! Mondays. Thanks for sharing it! So glad they could start up again now that little Stellan is home and doing so well!

Sara said...

So 2 year olds are THAT much fun? I can't wait! And the screaming 8 month old...I'm thinking of you! That is rough! Good luck with him :) Yeah, when are we getting together? I will call you. :)

Jenney said...

787? You go girl! Assistant Ringmaster was #9 this week!