Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Memory Lane

Because of the "evil machine's" recent refusal to upload anymore photos, I've been going through some of our old files and determining if there are any that we can get rid of. Mostly, I've been deleting those that are too blurry to ever use, or those that are unflattering for the photo subject, or those that are repeats of other shots. Regardless, it's been a fun trip down memory lane. One I thought I'd drag you on too.
This was one of my favorite family pictures for a very long time. We had just gotten back from camping with Jeremy's parents, and I was horribly sunburned, so Jeremy was taking some pictures of me holding Jayce to document the burn of '07. We hastily snapped this gem. Love it.
My dear cousin gave us this Snugglie front carrier to use on our children. However, Jayce was only able to use it a handful of times because of his hip problems, and Grayson has been too big for it since he was three months old. Here's a picture of Jer wearing Jayce, who was "walking" the dog. One of the only pictures I have of a kid in this thing.
Jayce and I went down to the beach to watch Jeremy try out his wet suit and scuba gear. Another hastily snapped photo that I love.
We are camping here again in a couple of weeks for Memorial Day weekend. (I think - I tend to mix up camp ground in my mind) What a beautiful place for a sunset. I hope to enjoy 3 in just a few days.
I guess I've always thought that Grayson looks like Jayce did when he was a baby. Just a slightly bigger version. I never realized just how much until I started looking through these old pictures.
Notice the sign behind these two boys - Welcome Squishy Baby 4-26-2007 Jayce Jeremy Meyers. This was the day Jayce got his harness off for good.
Do you remember the harness? Just looking at this picture brought me to tears. I can remember the way he screamed when being forced back into it after a break. How blessed we were to witness a miracle first hand - our original hip doctor told us Jayce needed major surgery when he was just 6 weeks old. God healed Jayce with the help of a much more competent doctor's hands. I truly believe that God works everyday miracles by using the hands of talented doctors.
A family photo.
Do you see Grayson in this baby? The resemblance is striking.
Jenney with Snug and Jayce. Both of these boys are now rambunctious 2 year olds that wouldn't hardly sit still for a picture a few weeks ago.
Here's Jenney from just a couple of weeks ago, with Grayson and Baby J. Hmm... I wonder how long it will be until she's holding a new set of babies?
Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me.


Kim M said...

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane - it was fun! Keep that camera rolling - everyday adventures are fun to read!

Lindzerelli said...

I thought your cousin was holding Grayson in the second to last picture! They really do look alike! I had no idea that Jayce had to wear a harness. Did they think he had hip dysplacia? We had to get Naomi checked for that b/c she was breech for a undetermined amount of time.

Are you enjoying your new camera? I'm learning new things about mine everyday! I've been missing your LOST recaps....

Jenney said...

Oh that was so so fun! I thought Jayce was Grayson in that first picture too...until I took a closer look! Not to mention Snug and Baby J are definately brothers. This was such a neat post, thanks.

Jenney said...

And I hope to hold another set too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Melissa! I didn't realize how very much Grayson looks like Jayce! They are both just down right cute! It is great to be able to see the boys and keep up with their growth. It would be better if it was in person, but pictures are the next best thing! Love to you all, Aunt Susie