Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Prepare yourself. This is going to be a long post with tons of pictures. You've been warned.

Memorial Day weekend has always included one thing for us for the past several years: camping with Jeremy's parents. It's always a toss-up about how the weather will cooperate, but we always have fun.
This spring, Jeremy and I have been diligently searching for a kiddie bike trailer for us to take the kids bike riding with us. The day before we left for our camping trip, we happened across a garage sale with the exact thing we had been searching for - which means we got to test it out this weekend. Here's Jeremy on it's inaugural ride. You should know that Grayson and Jayce have loved going for rides.
We spent some time hanging out at the beach, enjoying the "sun" (you'll notice that everyone is bundled up...) and the sights.
Specifically, we watched Aunti Lauren and Uncle Jon-Jon play volleyball with their friends. Lauren volunteered to give me an action shot for the blog.
The camp ground we ended up at this year (and last year!) has an Amish gentleman come and give horse and wagon rides to whatever kids (and adults) wanted to go for a ride.
The horses names were Princess and March. If you ask Jayce about the horses, he'll tell you, "Princess went potty." That's basically all that he has to say about the horse and wagon ride.
Grayson and I enjoyed a good cuddle during our venture around the woods.
Jeremy discovered a hidden talent this weekend away: He is an artist and his medium of choice is play-doh. Jayce asked Jeremy to make a Lightning and Mader (of course - he's totally into Cars right now) and Jeremy produced them perfectly and to scale!
There was a Lightning, Mader, Chick Hicks, The King, and a Tractor. Do you see how wonderful these sculptures were?
Jayce had a great time playing with all his new cars. His favorite thing to do was to go "tractor tipping" just like in the movie. He also tore each and every one apart, taking apart all of the pieces. Jeremy was thrilled at that! Oh, and please ignore the grimy looking hand in this picture. Dirt don't hurt, right?
Last year I snapped a similar picture of Jayce on this double swing, with his little face peeking through the heart.
Doesn't Grayson look thrilled to be getting loved on? The boys were enjoying a swing with Aunti Kalena when Jayce decided to love on/attack Grayson.
Jayce helped walk the dog while we were gone. If you can see in the picture, Jayce is holding the handle to the leash, while Jeremy is actually holding onto the leash so that Lexi didn't take Jayce down.
Grayson had fun playing on the playground while we were waiting for the sunset on Sunday night.
We found this colorful ball for Grayson to play with. I love this picture of him.
Jayce had fun playing with it too. Jayce is basically like another doggie - he likes playing fetch with the best of them!
Jayce had fun hanging out by the water with Aunti Kalena. He kept picking up handfuls of dirt and throwing it into the water.
This week's i {heart} faces contest was silhouettes. Granted, I didn't get my entry in on time, but if I had, this photo would have been it. Last year we took pictures in front of this cross at sunset. Absolutely beautiful.
The whole family.
Our family.
I talked Jayce into cooperating with the pictures by promising him that he could put his toes in the water when we were done. This also happened last year, but daddy was in charge and Jayce ended up soaking wet, head to toe. This year, I took the reigns.
While he was unhappy to have been pulled from the lake before swimming, he was dry! I'm posting this picture so that you all know that he isn't an angel all of the time like some grandmas out there would like to think.
Our last day, we took another horse and wagon ride while things were getting torn down and packed up. The gentleman who owns the horses and wagon allowed Jayce to get up on the horse, March. Jayce was so nervous, but excited!
Although camping always seems to be so much hard work (with the setting up and tearing down), we really had a great time. So much so that we are going again this weekend! Wish us luck!


Assistant Ring Master said...

Just so you know, I heart faces ends tonight instead of yesterday! You might still have time if you get this comment really soon!

Lacey said...

Camping is so fun... We're going in 2 weeks... :) Where do you camp at? We're trying out hoffmaster this time.

Kim M said...

Looking forward to next weekend and enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading your fun blog! Thanks from one of those grandmas who is convinced that grandsons are perfect, um..almost perfect, um...perfect when they get their way, well anyway, we are all born with a sin nature. Praise God their is forgiveness through Jesus!