Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a Taste

After I pledged, last night, to keep this blog better updated, and to go back and put some pictures of our last couple of weeks up, my computer decided to poop out on me... I was downloading the 300+ pictures that were on our nice camera and the evil machine decided it would no longer accept new photos. Something about no more space on my D drive... that can't be good.
Now I'm trying to weed through the thousands (literally, I think we had that many just from our Hawaii trip before kids!) of pictures on this evil machine (which it will remain until I can successfully download pictures again!) and hopefully after the great purge (that's for those LOST fans out there! So excited for tomorrow night!!!), I will be able to finish downloading. And posting.
So, for now, I have a little taste of what's to come (i.e. lots of pictures!) by showing you what my baby likes to do after I've finished pumping. Yes, Jenney, I said finished!! Rest assured, he only gets hold of the pumping apparatus after I'm done and I absentmindedly leave it behind within his reach. He also likes having just a little taste...


Kim M said...

I miss your boys! We need to get together real soon!

Jenney said...

That is so funny. I think I have one of James doing the same thing...only he was 2...hmmm :o) THANK YOU so much for pumping for me. I am officially dried up. Absolutely nothing left. Very depressing. I'm just waiting to gain the 25+ lbs I did when I stopped nursing James...not looking forward to that.